Eben Franckewitz: A Mess on Adele

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Oh, how we miss Simon Cowell. He would have torn into Eben Franckewitz last night.

Not that we want to see a 15-year old cry on stage, but let's be honest: this Justin Bieber lookalike is not ready for primetime, and certainly not ready to try his voice on an Adele single.

But that's exactly what Eben attempted, covering "Set Fire to Rain" and simply failing to hit any of the proper notes, while looking overwhelmed on such a grand stage.

No, Randy Jackson, Franckewitz did not "collect himself like a pro," which is understandable: he's not a pro. He's only 15. And he may have a bright future in the business, but he doesn't on season 11 of American Idol.


Omg shut up eben is amazing him and baylee should make it all the way!


I think he was freaken AMAZING! I bet he has as much musical talent as you in his pinky! So please I mean really be nice! Eben I love you!!!


Shut up!!!!! Eben is the greatest contestent on American Idol. He is adorable and an amazing singer!!!! I love you Eben!


Please shut up whoever the author is Eben is AMAZING and I bet u can't even sing as good as him and cause of Eben I'm going to see if I can go onto American Idol because Eben and I are a lot alike cause he said that it would be hard to not be with his friends if he made it all the way through but it would be worth it he's just like me that is what I always say and I hope Eben makes it all the way through cause I'm his # 1 FAN..... GO EBEN I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Really? whoever thr author of this is.. please just shut your mouth. Eben is and ALWAYS will be my American Idol. Just because hes nervous, doesnt mean he cant sing because i bet you arent far to being better than him. Give him props because he made it to the top twenty four and is probably the youngest in the competition right now. TEAM EBEN BRING HIM TO THE TOP AND SHOW THIS PERSON WRONG! (:


If Bailee Brown was deemed 'too young' and had a voice that supposedly 'needed work' five years ago and didn't even crack the top 24 back then, then the same surely should be said about Eben. He seems like a good, solid kid, someone you wouldn't mind your own kid hanging out with, but strong Idol material he is not, at least not this year. They should have passed on him and encouraged him to keep practicing and come back in a year, two or three. I can't wait for the ladies to sing tonight. The talent is deeper in that bunch, in my opinion.


I will never say Eben did bad. Eben is and always will be my American Idol. Give the kid a second chance, he was probably just overwhelmed and nervous. Understandable for someone so young. Give him another chance America!!


this is katie goff I Don't ever met you i am number 1 fan of you because i did call you last night for a vote for you Eben is so sexy you are hot give me happy for me i hope having fun With your friends from American idol Eben he was very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very so awesome singer ever we love you so much


I disagree, and think that Eben did phenomenal,considering the circumstances.

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