Eben Franckewitz: A Mess on Adele

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Oh, how we miss Simon Cowell. He would have torn into Eben Franckewitz last night.

Not that we want to see a 15-year old cry on stage, but let's be honest: this Justin Bieber lookalike is not ready for primetime, and certainly not ready to try his voice on an Adele single.

But that's exactly what Eben attempted, covering "Set Fire to Rain" and simply failing to hit any of the proper notes, while looking overwhelmed on such a grand stage.

No, Randy Jackson, Franckewitz did not "collect himself like a pro," which is understandable: he's not a pro. He's only 15. And he may have a bright future in the business, but he doesn't on season 11 of American Idol.

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Eben not making the cut is the biggest joke ever. He's the whole package. America needs you Eben!!! Your talented, smart, hot, passionate, sweet, never stop being you and don't ever give up!!!


Eban is the only real idol!!!! His performance was better then any famous person I've ever seen. He's passionate, smart, talented, a remarkable 15 year old performer. Managers act fast!!! He's the real deal!!!!!!


Whoever wrote this article is a moron. I'd like to see them get up there and sing infront of millions of people. He has remarkable talent and I believe the show was fixed. Everyone I know voted for Eban! and I researched the poles on the internet and Eban and Colton had the highest ratings. American Idol is a joke Eban is the real Idol!!!!! Eban if your reading this never give up you are the most talented person EVER!!!!!!!!!!!


Eban is amazing I urge every manager to get on it. I see performers everyday that don't have 1 tenth the talent and charisma and are twice his age. I have a cousin and two uncle that are famous muscians. They worship Eban! He is what America needs!!!! He will be the next big thing I guarantee it!!!!!!!


This is my final comment! Simon Cowell was a jerk, and everyone hated him! Eben would not have cried because he's a mature little guy who holds his own! Yes, he did cry that night! It had to be a crushing emotional letdown for him to lose to a guy who was originally voted off! Kind of makes me think that this show is not totally honest! Simon Cowell was ready to tear Susan Boyle to shreds, but he was left speechless! Eben had played it safe singing You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker to make the top 24, but Seacrest asked, "Was it Enough"? So my opinion is that Eben had to take a big risk because of the level of talent! If he had played it safe with an easier song, It wouldn't have been enough! So the song he sang had to be perfect, and it wasn't! So it makes sense to me why he tackeled Adele's song! John.


I Love you eben I Love you eben I Love you eben I Love you eben I Love you eben I Love you eben I Love you eben I Love you eben I Love you eben I Love you eben I Love you eben I Love you eben I Love you eben I Love you eben I Love you eben I Love you eben I Love you ebenI Love you eben I Love you eben I Love you eben I Love you eben I Love you eben I Love you eben I Love you eben I Love you eben I Love you eben I Love you eben I Love you eben I Love you eben I Love you eben


who ever posted this is so stupid words cant explain hes a pro no matter what i love him and he did amazing!!!! gossip sucks especially on here terrible website!!!!!!!


You are so wrong! He did nail it at the end! His first few words he sang were a litle off key! For a brief moment in the middle he was a little shaky! But he worked the audience like a pro, and I loved his finish which he showed his beautiful voice right on key! Listen to Adele's finish, and you'll see what I'm talking about! His was much better! That's why he got such an ovation from the judges and audience!


For 15 I think he did great! Of course he was nervous! With a little practice, I think he could master that song! Adele wrote and sang her own song, but I liked his ending much better than hers! In diving and gymnastics they not only rate style points, but they also count the difficulty factor! He could have played it safe, but went for the gold and fell short! Give him some credit!


never give up eben keep trying you will become famous very soon i know just keep trying and goog luck in your future love your biggest fan