Eben Franckewitz: A Mess on Adele

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Oh, how we miss Simon Cowell. He would have torn into Eben Franckewitz last night.

Not that we want to see a 15-year old cry on stage, but let's be honest: this Justin Bieber lookalike is not ready for primetime, and certainly not ready to try his voice on an Adele single.

But that's exactly what Eben attempted, covering "Set Fire to Rain" and simply failing to hit any of the proper notes, while looking overwhelmed on such a grand stage.

No, Randy Jackson, Franckewitz did not "collect himself like a pro," which is understandable: he's not a pro. He's only 15. And he may have a bright future in the business, but he doesn't on season 11 of American Idol.

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To the person that wrote this crap, you are a loser! Stop picking on Eben! He is gonna be famous and when he is you're gonna feel like the stupidest person in the world!!! Which you already are you just don't know it yet!!!!! Eben you ROCK!!! Oh by the way nobody gives a shit about stupid Hollywood Gossip!!! Love the comments fans!!!


I don't get it? Why does this website say the performance sucked? I thought it was so amazing I recorded it and watch it over and over again. When Eben didn't make the cut I freaked out and cried. I can't get Eben out of my mind he should be famous! He is just the most incredible singer and performer of our time!!! Everyone I talk to agrees. Is the writer of this website on crack? It was such a fantastic performance!!! I Love You EBEN!!!


Im so very sad to see Eben go home! He has great potential and someone please see that. I hope they let him come back,personaly i think 15 is to young but this kid has something spiecial. It just broke my heart.He looks so much like my son who is 14. I just want to give him a big hug and tell him to keep his head up and go for bigger and better things.Im a 43yr old mom and i was crying! How sad. But keep listening to your mom, YOU DO YOUR THING ,AND LET EVERYONE ELCE DO THEIR THING. I wish you the best of luck.


I agree with all of these comments. I cried when I watch all Ebens performances he is amazing! Whoever wrote this crap is obviously trying to get attention because none of it is true, Eben is a prodigy!! That's like telling mozart he sucks! This Hollywood gossip website is crap!!!! I love you Eben you're the best there is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think Eben should have gone through. Yes he was pitchy in some places, but does the annoying person that wrote that article have to say, "I think Eben was horrible! just awful!!!" well, they don't know everything! He was better than Jermaine, and that is a fact. Eben, if you are reading this, come back when you can on Idol, cause if you don't in a couple of years, i might commit suicide. Not kidding. I threw a tantrum after you did not get chosen for wildcard picks. Anyway, you are really cute and I am so obssesed I made an app for you on my itouch and say,"I miss Eben" every ten minutes. (I even wrote a three-minute song about you).


I heard he can't try out again because he made the top 24. Someone should change that rule!


I agree with everyone. Eben may have made a few mistakes,but can you blame him? he is only 15 and i think he did on a scale of 1-10 a 9 and a half. do you think he deserves to be back on american idol? i do. the person who writes this website is a liar. he did great and deserves to be back on the show. my final comment: EBEN DESERVES TO BE BACK ON AMERICAN IDOL AND SHOULD BE! also, does anyone know if he can come audition next year?


I agree with Zach!!!! Love you Eben!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow whoever wrote this article is on a power trip. Obviously you don't know shit. I've been studying music for 25 years and have toured with 7 different bands. I know talented when I see it and Eben's performance of Adele is the most incredible performance I've ever seen!!!! So stop being a moron on a power trip if you have real talent you wouldn't be making fun of a 15 year old who has more talent in his pinky finger then you have in your entire body! Get a life and stop trying to ruin the dreams of the next Roy Orbison! Eben you are amazing don't listen to the bullshit. We are your fans and we love you!! Keep going!!!!


The person that wrote this is an idiot! He did amazing and only made a couple of mistakes. At the end he nailed it! Eben is the most talented singer and performer I've ever seen!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!! He's only 15 wow!!!!! He'll be famous for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!