Eben Franckewitz: A Mess on Adele

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Oh, how we miss Simon Cowell. He would have torn into Eben Franckewitz last night.

Not that we want to see a 15-year old cry on stage, but let's be honest: this Justin Bieber lookalike is not ready for primetime, and certainly not ready to try his voice on an Adele single.

But that's exactly what Eben attempted, covering "Set Fire to Rain" and simply failing to hit any of the proper notes, while looking overwhelmed on such a grand stage.

No, Randy Jackson, Franckewitz did not "collect himself like a pro," which is understandable: he's not a pro. He's only 15. And he may have a bright future in the business, but he doesn't on season 11 of American Idol.

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Eben is my idol!!! he's gonna be famous for sure!!! He probably has already had managers contact him. I just hope he finishes school first because he deserves to have a normal life for now! Fame can be a lot to handle but he'll do well because he's so smart and talented!!! He belongs on stage so me and my friends hope to see more of him in the future!!!


You know what? All these people who say he is horrible are just jealous because they will never have screaming fans! Nobody needs American Idol to become famous! Did Taylor Swift need American Idol? Did Lady Gaga need American Idol? No!!!! Eben will be famous!


Your just jealouse Eben is way more cuter and talented than you..... jerk


Wow he did so great! he's so talented!!! can't wait till he's famous!!!!!


He is the BEST EVER!!! In the 60's and 70's he'd be famous for sure!!! But now they only want puppets to be stars. Eben is no puppet he's an individual with remarkable talent!!!! If I was a manager I'd sign him right now!!! EVERYBODY LOVES EBEN!!!!!!! Bring him back!!!!!!!


He'll be famous I guarantee it!!!


hey! that's not justin bieber's style..! he didn't invented it so shut up!!! ASSHOLE. Eben's amazing and he'll get the fame whenever


I know, right? I was so upset that Jermaine got cut. Mainly because Eben and Jermaine were the last ones up and so had they known about Jermaine's history, Eben probably would have made it through or at least to the wild cards. -_- Plus, he can't come back!


Ya lets just get rid of sweet talented singer for a fake that has a criminal history! I think Eben is the best and I saw through Jermaines act. Eben is so passionate and he's so talented! I LOVE YOU EBEN!!!