DMX Hates Everything About Drake

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On Friday morning, DMX took time out from getting arrested to make his feelings about Drake very well known.

Appearing on New York radio station Power 105.1, the controversial rapper said of his fellow artist: "I don't like anything about Drake. I don't like his f-cking voice. I don't like the sh-t he talks about."

DMX at the Hip Hop Awards
Drake in Vegas

Anything else?

"I don't like his face. I don't like the way he walks - nothing," said DMX, concluding with the biggest shot of all: "I don't like his haircut."

DMX gave no explanation for his hatred. In unrelated, yet hilarious news: DMX has posed for 15 mug shots.



Okay, so honestly I hate the music Drake does, I hate it all. I cannot listen to more than 10 seconds of any of his songs; I even tested my intolerance to crappy music and I just can't handle it. Along with Drake goes Rihianna, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and hmmm many others. But whatever, I just have different music tastes. But what DMX said was unacceptable and uncalled for. I can find many great qualities among 'singers/rappers' whose music I detest. I think it DMX is washed up, and he needs tp retire... or, wait, hasn't he? Haven't seen him in any positive Headlines lately!


OF course DMX would have a problem with Drake, who else would he beef with Barny? I just hope Drake is smarter than to continue this irrelevant beef with a one album has been. I mean it wouldn't even be fun to read about this one.


I don't care


DMX has abused dogs on par with Michael Vick. He has tortured and killed dogs. He's a pile of shit.
Please don't give him press THG, it's a WASTE OF SPACE.
He only said this about Drake to get his name in someone's mouth again, and it worked.


By Now DMX should be where he wants to be in the music industry. If he isn't it is Not Drake's fault. There is room in the entertainment industry for all types of talent. While looking at what Drake has accomplished, it seems that DMX should keep in mind on his own career. It hits a sour Note when a performer has been around as long as DMX and his claim to fame has to be bashing another up and coming star. All the best to you Drake!!


Who the fuck is DMX? Just joking... but seriously... he is done. Only reason anyone even read this store is because he was talking about Drake. No one gives a shit about DMX he is a has been and should stick to what hes good at... wait... what is he good at?


Drake grew up in a fancy neighborhood in Toronto Canada. So other rappers get mad seeing a more preppy rap artist succeed. He had his hardships growing up, like seeing his parents divorce. Dealing with his mom being white and dad being black. I think people should back off. He is obviously doing well as a singer/songwriter. Don't be jealous, it is so immature!

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