DMX Hates Everything About Drake

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On Friday morning, DMX took time out from getting arrested to make his feelings about Drake very well known.

Appearing on New York radio station Power 105.1, the controversial rapper said of his fellow artist: "I don't like anything about Drake. I don't like his f-cking voice. I don't like the sh-t he talks about."

DMX at the Hip Hop Awards
Drake in Vegas

Anything else?

"I don't like his face. I don't like the way he walks - nothing," said DMX, concluding with the biggest shot of all: "I don't like his haircut."

DMX gave no explanation for his hatred. In unrelated, yet hilarious news: DMX has posed for 15 mug shots.


Jaan black

Drake is ugly as sin and corny as fcuk... I'm with DMX who IS a rapper, not some Canadian poser with a valley girl speaking voice and a unibrow


Drake is a black vagina hip hopper from Canada. He should be sing romantic r&b songs, not manly hip hop.


Dmx is right cuz Drake fucking sucks, hell ya hell ya hell ya. It's because his lyrics are stupid as shit. If Rap was a person, Drake cut it's head off, and then said yaaaaa like a vagina. I have a hard time understanding why people like Drake. If you are a REAL fan of Rap then you wouldn't like drake cuz his flow is so predictable, they know, we know, they know.


gave no eplanation??? i have an eplanation for ya... drake makes money, he's current and people still listen to his music.
nobody gives a rats ass about DMX anymore.


@Monk....You are 100% correct. DMX saved Def Jam. Those 15 mugshots cost a guy though. If you're talking solely money, DMX networth is $2 mil and Drake $15 mil. I agree there is a reason for everything including a guy despising another. It'll probably come out this week what his beef is with Drake.


X has never (from what I can remember) Dis-respected with out a reason. He may not tell the world why! But I'm sure he has his.
So don't jump on dude because you all think you know!
Jealous?? I doubt it! X has made more off 1 album than Drake has. So Really? wait and find out the reason before ya'll sound just as ignorant and immature as you say X is being!


Hahahaha ok... I read everyones argument... Now! How many of you actually Know X???
My guess is NONE! To pass judgement based on what the media told you is just ignorant!
X was on top longer than Drake will be. He was one if not the main artist to save Def Jam! Labels/manager screwed him.... He has his demons he's was and I'm sure still is fighting! That's why he fell off the charts! Drake is ok. He had a good flow/lyrics... Now not so much.
People don't care about where Drake is from! If your on Top you will have haterz! WELCOME TO THE MUSIC INDUSTRY!
He's not as big as he once was! He also has Wayne backing him wich is a HUGE help!


Ahhh, what has the world come to. This is so unnecessary & so childish. Grow up! I personally like Drake & his music & I'm a big fan but that isn't why I'm on his side. But really, everyone is different & everyone, I mean artists, have achieved different heights & are successful in their own way. When you're the greatest in what you do, there is no need for hate on others. This to me is just pathetic.


I only have one thing to say to DMX and all of you knockin' shots at Drake. Haters never win, Playerz never lose. Rappin' 4 Tay. DMX is envious of Drake's success ever since he fell off the charts. He has no game... He may as well stick to acting. DMX = Dumb Mothofuckin' Xigga.


wow every single one of you know nothing of rap DMX saved rap when it was on its way out after pac and biggie died and now rap sucks even worse then it did then soo all of you should be happy hes coming back he is a legend he did something drake and wayne hasn't done release consecutive albums all hitting number 1 in a row 5 straight to be exact and his 6th went number 2 and 2 ALBUMS WHENT NUMBER 1 IN THE SAME YEAR!!!!! so the fact that your all calling him nothing and a "one album has been" which showed your just an idiot should rly think before you type anything saying hes nothing drake is not at all amazing he has maybe 1 song thats good he is a nickelodeon star who was famous for being in a wheel chair what he should do is go back to acting because its what hes good at X is a legend he will bring rap back to its former greatness and will take his crown back and rappers like wayne and drake and rick ross will be nothing.

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