Did Jennifer Aniston Torpedo Nude Scene For Justin Theroux?

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Jennifer Aniston had producers cut out a nude scene from her upcoming film Wanderlust for the sake of her new relationship with boyfriend Justin Theroux, reports say.

According to The Wrap, the actress wants Theroux alone to be able to see her naked, so she had a scene where she flashed her bare breasts taken out of the movie.

The 43-year-old star reportedly had her forthcoming topless scene changed, so when she flashes TV news cameras in a scene, her breasts are now shown pixilated.

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According to a source: “When the film was edited with the frontal nudity in it, Jen pleaded for an alternate version due to her blossoming relationship with Theroux.

The two met on the set of the film and are now cohabitating.

A Universal spokeswoman denied that Jen had her topless time changed: “The scene was shot a bunch of different ways, and we have the best possible version.”

Jennifer Aniston is no stranger to nudity, of course, appearing almost topless in Horrible Bosses and getting snapped in the buff for Rolling Stone and GQ.

Some of the Jennifer Aniston pictures in question:

Topless Jennifer Aniston Smartwater Ad
Jennifer Aniston Sort of Topless
Jennifer Aniston Topless
Call Me!Half Naked Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston Nude PhotoJennifer Aniston PicGQ Picture

jen has been carrying around my 11th grade hs id from groves for the last 20 years, trying to create a celebrity name. She stole the pic from my wallet. If it's one more publication of stripping down and posing nude, she better give it up-- the phantom act is just so last decade.




u r marvolous


I don't Justin was apart of the decision! She hasn't shown full front. I am happy for Jen and wish her the best! Love Jen and Justin as a couple! Justjen!


Maybe the attention from Justin is just what the doctored ordered for Jennifer A. For years she has been promoted as poor,poor,pitiful me. Finally, she can stop dropping her tops, and uncrossing her body in various poses to disguise the Nudity. Maybe Now with a serious beau who is No wanna be, but a true man of character in his own right, maybe this is the prescription that Jennifer A. has Needed all along. I wish her continued best in this relationship with Justin T. She has earned the gift of a man who by all indications seem to be as smitten with her as she appears to be with him. Go for it Jennifer!!

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