Dianna Agron and Sebastian Stan: Back Together!

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From breaking up to making up, all is good again for Dianna Agron and Sebastian Stan.

A source confirms to Us Weekly that the Glee star and recurring Gossip Girl player are "back together," saying the reconciliation took place "over Golden Globes weekend."

Need further evidence? Witnesses spotted the pair having dinner on Valentine's Day and sharing a kiss afterward while waiting for their car. HOT!

Serious Sebastian Stan
The Beautiful Dianna Agron

Smile, Sebastian Stan! You've totally seen Dianna Agron naked!

Agron and Stan split in December after seven months because, insiders claim, the actress was worried about the actor cheating on her. They were also working on opposite sides of the country.

But a friend of Stan's says Sebastian would "never" step out on Agron and she apparently now believes the same.

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I think this is so pathetic. Come on Dianna you must be one little insecure person to assume your boyfriend is cheating on you while working. I Sebastian needs to just cut her off, she treated him awful and didn't appreciate him. Go back to your ex girlfriend Sebastian, shes gorgeous.


Can't believe this. Dianna is lovely and would never hurt a fly. And he's all telling his friends that she's an awful person because she has trust issues? And now they're together. I want to blame it on PR since he has a movie coming out but IDK. I'd love to support her, but I can't stand Sebastian Stan. And he hurt her and her reputation. I don't know why she would go back to him.
Also Achele FTW. Srry- just had to. They belong together.


Stop making an idiot from yourself Dianna. One thing is helping your male friend, second is making a stupid cow from yourself.

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