Demi Moore Checks into Utah Rehab Facility

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We can now confirm the whereabouts of Demi Moore.

According to an E! News insider, the troubled actress - who was rushed to the hospital on January 23 for "smoking something," based on the 911 call placed on her behalf - has checked in to Cirque Lodge, an expensive treatment facility in Sundance, Utah.

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"She's on total lockdown and only talking to a small group of people," the source says, adding that the actress is being treated for an eating disorder and addiction issues.

Moore had reportedly been consulting with her spiritual adviser and, some claimed, even a psychic before making this decision.

Cirque Lodge, meanwhile, is known as a posh facility whose resume of famous clientele includes Lindsay Lohan, Eva Mendes and Mary-Kate Olsen.


Demi Moore, I am not your friend, but I have read your articles. I felt very sorry to you that being cheated by the previous last 2 CHEATED MERRIAGES. You are very sad towards your Marriages, and your daughters might not treated you well too. I pity on them. Be Strong Demi Moore, eat a healthy diets. We all here waiting forwards to see your NEW MOVIES We all here feel very sorry and do care and concern about you. I hope you won't let us down. PERFORM THE BEST HOLLYWOOD MOVIES, we are here waiting, and Wishing to get a AWARDS in the new MOVES. To tallent, gorgeous, beautiful actress DEMI MOORE with lots of LOVE.....


Nothing to be shame off! The most shameful act are when you have cheated your wife. Shame on the husband cheated on their wife.


If her loved ones are cared and worried about her, why divorce????? Honorable???????


Pity her.... Sad Family problems.


Here's hoping that Ms. Moore will take the Needed time to heal and get back to her game face. Hopefully she will put back on her *Tiger Suit of strength and survival, and remember to Not look at what she * thinks she doesn't have, but to be Thankful for all the blessings (including her daughters,their supportive father, and a legion of fans)that she do have. Anybody can have a temporary setback, but you learn from it and you continue to move forward in the right direction of who *you really are, instead of the desperate lovelorn damsel that the rag mags are *trying to make her out to be. PEACE!!


Yes I did contradict myself. Sorry.......


Sorry to point it out, but aren't you contradicting yourself just now?
Imo, may-december relationships can work, but only if you're not the jealous/possessive type. Also, all relationships have problems even if you're nearly the same age. Mostly people marry within the same age group, and the divorce rate is through the roof. Though if you enter in a relationship with someone a lot younger/older, you should perhaps be that little bit more prepared, and not go all Demi Moore when it's over.


I think an age difference can work, but not when the guy is the younger of the two. Ashton was in his 20's when they married and hotter than hell. I wasn't all that shocked when the first reports of cheating came out. It's like that 17 year old Courtney girl who married that 40 something guy. It's all about maturity level. She will cheat due to the fact he's nothing but a sugardaddy.


Urgh!Demi shud hv known beta than 2 get into marriage wit a muc younger guy.i never works,she knew he wz goin 2 leave it wz jst a mata of pliz Demi suck it up! Start actn lik a grown ass woman u r,u've got ur kidz who luk up2 u.and nid u


It is a shame. Another reason to stick with your own kind. I myself had my head turned 2 years ago. 17 yrs. my jr. & on a scale of 1-10 she was maybe a 6. Sitting together on a 3 hr. flight and when it landed it was all I could do to walk off that plane. I knew from the start it wouldn't work. After 2 months of emails & phone calls I became aware of the fact that when I'm 60 she's only 43. If it looks to good to be true- it usually is just that.

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