Deandre Brackensick Hits Many High Notes on American Idol

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It's safe to say Deandre Brackensick might be the most polarizing contestant on season 11 of American Idol.

The high school senior - who could easily pass for at least 25 - possesses a unique look (that hair!) and a unique sound (that voice!), both of which caused the judges to fall all over themselves with praise. Randy even said Brackensick was one of the most commercially-ready contestants the show has ever had.

Really? Would you buy a Deandre Brackensick album? The contestant covered Earth, Wind, and Fire's "Reasons" for his live performance and we highly recommend giving it a listen below. It's... different.

How does Deandre stack up against fellow men Phillip Phillips and Reed Grimm? You tell us!

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I think idol has a very talented group this year. But, there can only be one winner.Deandre is a force to be reckoned with!


Yes, I would certainly buy his records. I LOVE him!


You guys haven't seen nothing yet. I've known this kid since he was 8. Even if he doesn't get far with American Idol, he already has producers knocking on our doors


DeAndre is a breath of fresh air for this show, how predictable someone would say Philip Philips with all of his 2 octave range is so much better, and then when real artists appear on the horizon ie. Joshua Ledet and DeAndre Brackensick who have 3 or more octaves in there arsenal its always negative, you've only heard 2 songs from this artist, and right now I beleive he'd sell out a concert much faster than most.


he is one of the best this year i love his voice and his hair i think that his hair make him look more attractive and all them girls and fan like me will fall for him but with everithing said his good he need more work and if they give him a chance he will be the next PRINCE the next AMERICAN IDOL,mark my words.GOD BLESS HIM.


He has a great look! even the hair...what's wrong with his hair? o of course he can use some work on the vocals, but at 17 I thought he did a damn good job...but American Idol is so predictable! and he may not last long but I know someone has an eye on him!GOOD Job Deandre!


i honestly think he needs someone to work with him...he seems to be all over the place.


I'm excited he is back this year, loved him last year. Amazing unique voice.His voice is almost indescribable. He is like a combination of Robin Thicke, Jon B and Usher. Watch out America, this kid is a Super Star. Idol did not give him enough air time to show his voice off enough. I'm a fan, been a fan ever since I heard the voice last year. I would buy anything this kid sang. I have not voted for anyone since Cooks season, but he got me voting. Isn't that what its all about??? He has my vote!!!!!!


No way is he as good as Phillip Phillips or Reed Grimm. Reed is more versatile and Phillip is so talented. Deandre....hope not, but he is a one trick pony


Hes voice reminds me of prince back in the day. He can hit all different ranges of pitches, in love with that voice. As for the hair, worked for Kenny G and that dude sold millions because of it, panties being thrown all over the stage. Not to say this will happened to young Deandre but hes got more talent then most of them.