David Cross Admits: I Snorted Cocaine at White House Correspondents Dinner

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David Cross once took a hit of cocaine while sitting just a few feet away from President Barack Obama.

The Arrested Development star makes this admission in the March issue of Playboy, referring to the 2009 White House Correspondents Dinner and explaining to the magazine:

“I ducked under the table and did it. It wasn’t like I got high. The jolt was similar to licking an empty espresso cup. It wasn't about that. It was just about being able to say that I did it, that I did cocaine in the same room as the President."

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The White House Correspondents Dinner is an annual event, hosted by comedians such as Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert, during which the President lets loose with a joke-laden speech that typically takes aim at opponents such as Donald Trump.

Why did Cross make such a daring move during it? For specifically that reason: he and a friend had a wager over who could be the most audacious.

Cross doesn't regret his actions, but he does feel bad about dragging girlfriend Amber Tamblyn into it.

“I was her date, her plus-one, and she got dragged through the mud because of what I did,” the actor said. “She had nothing to do with it. She didn’t know I was going to do it. And because of that, she’ll never be invited to the White House again. That’s not cool.”

The March issue of Playboy goes on sale this Friday.

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Proof cocaine rots the brain.


This would be funny and daring if you were in like Jr. High School, but not as an adult. What a complete moron.


Thanks for not being an example an example for kids to follow. America needs more idiots like you so our children have nothing to look forward to in life. You are definitely a tool


this baldheaded old man is the joke. why do most of the middle aged actors and comedians make such a fool of themselves, trying to act young (how they think young act)? now the oscars will be coming up and (i will not watch) and they will be kissing same sex person (they are not gay), giving the finger or trying to shock the public and have people say their name. its so boring, just makes them look desperate for youth and attention.


Clap hand for yourself Cross


Hahahahaha i


He neglected to mention whether or Not Amber kicked his a@ss to the curve after embarrassing her, and causing her to lose future invites to The White House!!


Wow. How pathetic!


Are there any secrets left for the grave??
Somethings we don't have to know, for instant, this guy is just as dumb as he looks!!


So she brought a guy that snorts cocaine while feet from the Predident and this guy thinks that the uncool part is that she won't be invited back??? And how would the WH know if he didn't publicly tell the story? He's such an idiot. Boy, how I wish he got caught... He's obviously telliing this story bc he thinks it's/he's cool. What a distespectful tool.