Dana White to Floyd Mayweather: You're Racist!

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UFC President Dana White is calling out convicted woman beater Floyd Mayweather.

In a just-released videotaped diatribe, White refers to the champion boxer as "racist" due to comments Mayweather made about star point guard Jeremy Lin, claiming the Knicks sensation was only receiving press because he's Asian.

"Don't worry about what all these other guys are doing and shooting your big mouth off on Twitter," White says below. "What you should worry about is getting in there and making the fight that all the boxing fans want to see. Get in there and fight Manny Pacquiao."

And while you're at it, Floyd, look up some numbers: Lin scored more points in his first five NBA starts than any player in modern basketball history.

Do you think Floyd Mayweather is racist?


Shouldn't he be training for Manny? ...Don't have too kuch room to talk Floored Mayweather


Jeremy Lin is a great basketball player. Lin does his talking on the court which noone in their right mind can dispute is exceptional. He's a student of the game and watches plenty of videotape footage, acknowledges the errors he's made and works hard to fix them. More importantly than all the aforementioned is his humility and his character. Jeremy is a standup guy and true professional. There is always criticism when a good person in the spotlight such as an athlete i.e. Tim Tebow, gets world recognition for his or her game. Bottom line, if the other atheletes have nothing good to say, they should not say anything at all and work on their own craft to get better and better. That is why Jeremy, Tebow and all other atheletes who strive to achieve excellence will go to bigger and bigger heights. Francisco Rodriguez


Jeremy Lin has been receiving mostly positive feedback, but FM does Not seem to be able to "weather" the storm in his personal life. JLin
is getting the recognition that he deserves, and Mayweather's recognition of late as been mostly Mug Shots, and that is Not a racial statement, but a statement of the truth. PEACE!!

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