Courtney Stodden: So Wet in Free Credit Score Commercial

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Courtney Stodden might soon unleash a new single upon the world. But she's definitely starring in a new commercial for As a mermaid.

No, seriously.

Courtney Stodden Commercial Still

In an ad newly-released online, two guys are fishing and frustrated over their lack of a big catch. Enter one final cast and one final hook, of Stodden, who emerges from the sea, writhes around and states: OMG, I'm so wet. Of course she does.

What does this have to do with checking one's credit score online? Who cares! Return later for a full look at the video.


What is this company thinking? This is going to turn anyone serious about learning about their credit score OFF! It's nonsense and purveys that the company is shady and has no class!


Gross, gross, gross. It's sad that she looks like a used up stripper and she's not even old enough to vote yet. Wonder if she knows what a joke she is??


I. Have. No. Words.


I love to eat fish & I mean it at all different levels but I just lost my appetite. Thanks free credit score!!

Avatar old is she exactly?????

Team me

I seriously bet people start avoiding that website.


Omg ewww. Could she be any more trashy? Sadly...probably.


Oh My God! Thats all I can say... Apart from this porn star wanna be doing my head in!


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