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Seriously...what option did the Producers have? How boring would the show be if it was just the same old bitch-fest against the Main Bitch if she's not even there? *MY* guess is Courtney will completely break down and get all blubbery and beg forgiveness...guided by the head Slimeball himself Chris Harrisson. I think they are going to try and get this thing turned around, so that Ape-Boy and the Tramp at least have a chance. Which is ridiculous because Ben and his George Washington haircut are about as ready to get married as The Pope.
I will be STUNNED if B&C make it to the finale...Ben has already said he can't handle dating someone nobody likes? You hit the Lottery with this one...too bad you picked with your pecker and not with your pea-sized brain.

And you read it here first...two seasons from now Courtney WILL be The Bachelorette. Courtney is Television Gold and they are going to milk her for every last lip-chew they can get.


Well, Courtney...it's time to pay the piper!!! I truly hope you reap what you sowed! I can understand why Courtney took an instant dislike to Emily O. Courtney saw Emily O. as real competition--not only is Emily O. attractive but she has integrity and intelligence--which Courtney doesn't understand! If Courtney was really smart--she would've kept her "catty" comments to herself. Go "ladies"--tell Court what you really think. "Ladies", it's your turn to set the record straight!!! Don't hold back ; )--Courtney needs to understand how much she really screwed up!!

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