Courtney Robertson: The Bachelor MANEATER!

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Courtney Robertson continues to stir up drama on The Bachelor and her controversial tactics have landed her on two different tabloid covers this week.

Probably her true goal all along. "Winning!"

Speculation is running rampant about how long Courtney lasts (The Bachelor spoilers we've posted offer more on that topic), but one thing is clear:

She is the star of the show this season, for better or worse.

Courtney the Man-Eater
Ben Flajnik TRICKED!

In their new issues, Us Weekly and In Touch have tag-teamed Courtney Robertson (they're probably not the first ... winning!!!) with the following accusations:

  • She was dating an old rich guy while on the show!
  • There's a secret sex tape that could RUIN her!
  • Her attraction to Ben Flajnik is a complete lie!
  • She's even worse than you think!

Okay, at least one of those is BS. No way could she be worse than we - and many other Bachelor fans, based on the majority comments we've read on THG - think.

Yes, we realize it's a TV show and they edit to great the best narrative that gets people talking. But do you honestly believe none of this is Court's real personality?

Tell us: What's your take on Courtney Robertson?


Give me a break. Michelle may have initially come across in a negative way, but she has shown herself to have class, compassion and a good heart. Courtney his hearless, without a soul and every word and action shows what a cold, mean person she is. She is ugly inside and out. She is proving it week after week, so if you think she isn't doing this to herself, you are fooling yourself.


Ann - while the "skinny-dipping is trashy," it was even more disturbing that Geico man chose to keep looking. That speaks alot to his intentions/integrity or lack thereof. But, what can you expect from a fluke that has ugly hair and refuses to either cut or groom it. You must start questioning why he was ever picked to be the Bachelor - same stringy/ugly hair, same whimpiness. Quite frankly, I can't grasp why any of those girls would want him.


Yes editing has a bit to do with it. But they just edit in all the bad crap she does and probably downplay other girls. She has made some very rude comments in a group setting and done some inappropriate things. The skinny-dipping is trashy. The going naked under the traditional garb on a GROUP date is distasteful. Prancing around in her bikini in the background of another girls one-on-one time is tacky and attention-seeking. "How did that taste coming out of your mouth" when she gets a one-on-one date was unnecessary. Courtney is a model trying to drum up publicity and its working.


OMG how can everyone be so cruel? Courtney is far less worse than Michelle Money was, and she is such a sweetheart. You can't judge someone based on this show, they are editing please... GROW UP!

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