Corey Simms: Still Pining For Leah Messer?

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Their marriage lasted a mere six months, and imploded fast and hard on the Teen Mom 2 season finale, but Corey Simms will always think fondly of Leah Messer.

"Corey still has feelings for Leah," a source close to Simms says.

"She is the only girl he ever wanted and he's ever really loved."

By late last year, Leah Messer had clearly moved on, accepting an engagement ring from Jeremy Calvert. She got pregnant by Jeremy, but later had a miscarriage.

Leah Messer, Corey Simms, Baby

For Simms, moving on hasn't been as easy: "Corey is trying to move forward with life, just as Leah has done," the source says. "He is trying hard to get over her."

Leah Messer, still only 19, and Corey Simms, 21, have always had a rocky relationship. The two dated for one month before they found out they were expecting.

They split after the 2009 birth of twins Aliannah and Aleeah, then reunited six months later. After moving in together, Simms proposed. They wed October 17, 2010.

Messer filed for divorce the following April.

"Corey wishes his marriage would have worked out but he knows it's over. He knows in his heart he did all he could do to make it work," the Simms source says.

"Part of him still wishes he and Leah could work things out, but for now he is staying busy working on his new house trying to get it ready for his girls."


@yeah_right you only see apart of their lives. the ones full of drama that they make good tv, you don't know what goes on the rest of the time. she cheated on him more then once in their short relationship.


@yeah_right they split because she was a 2 time cheat before they wed. the last time a week before. Young and immature, that is why they split, not because of the house or truck


Did all he could to make it work? From what I saw part of their problem was that she wanted a better home for their kids and he didn't care that his kids were bathing in a dingy cellar with bugs. So now after his wife and kids are gone he's going to work on his "new house"? What a loser this guy is.

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