Corey Simms: Still Pining For Leah Messer?

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Their marriage lasted a mere six months, and imploded fast and hard on the Teen Mom 2 season finale, but Corey Simms will always think fondly of Leah Messer.

"Corey still has feelings for Leah," a source close to Simms says.

"She is the only girl he ever wanted and he's ever really loved."

By late last year, Leah Messer had clearly moved on, accepting an engagement ring from Jeremy Calvert. She got pregnant by Jeremy, but later had a miscarriage.

Leah Messer, Corey Simms, Baby

For Simms, moving on hasn't been as easy: "Corey is trying to move forward with life, just as Leah has done," the source says. "He is trying hard to get over her."

Leah Messer, still only 19, and Corey Simms, 21, have always had a rocky relationship. The two dated for one month before they found out they were expecting.

They split after the 2009 birth of twins Aliannah and Aleeah, then reunited six months later. After moving in together, Simms proposed. They wed October 17, 2010.

Messer filed for divorce the following April.

"Corey wishes his marriage would have worked out but he knows it's over. He knows in his heart he did all he could do to make it work," the Simms source says.

"Part of him still wishes he and Leah could work things out, but for now he is staying busy working on his new house trying to get it ready for his girls."

Wv peach

Too young and too immature to have had kids. I hope they continue their education and prepare their kids for a brighter future. smdh.....


These two were so cute together. I wish she had waited and talked to him before she filed for divorce =[


Corey and leah tried to make things work after the first incident. Leah and Corey also new what they were buying when they first purchased that trailer the one that leah now hates. For goodness sake they had children prior to moving in there! it seems to me like she jumps into things way too quickly before using her head. I mean she got into a relationship one month after her divorce and is now engaged again and got pregnant! When she found out Corey got a lawyer but hadn't filed for divorce yet she should have met with Corey to see where they were, but she filed for divorce... No one is perfect and not being affectionate does not give anyone the right to cheat especially one week before your wedding. I think leah is a good mom, but as far as anyone siding with her about him not being affectionate, get a life!!!! Or are you the cheating housewive that doesn't get the attention u want?


Thank you, about time some body made some sense, It was wrong for Leah to cheat but like she told her mom every time she try to get close to Corey and cuddle with him he didn't want to be bother, he was not being affectioned towards her, a person can only take so much rejection. I mean come on


Um exccuse me, I like Corey n Leah but, she was not being impatient, she wanted a better place but Corey wanted to wait because he wanted to buy a new truck. Get your facts straight


The guy was looking out for his family. She wanted a new place he wanted to wait till they had more money and new job. She has no patience and wanted everything now. Sorry thats not how life is. The kids were ok for now till they could afford more. The thing to learn patience.


Leah should have gave corey sometime to relax she jumped into a divorce to fast. Yeah she cheated but as she said he wasnt loving her at the moment n she just needed someone to lean on she isn't a whore and people need to watch their words you just watch a show u don't really know her life at all.


So what who cares


I just really wished they could have worked harder together. When you put your partner before yourself everything goes so much better and when you have children involoved you really have to think of them first then your partner. Things probably would have been better for the girls and for their marriage. Children and Marriage is a gift from God. But it's done.


Corey found out from a friend that Leah cheated on Corey with her ex Robbie one week before their wedding. 100% percent they broke up because she was a cheating whore. They did bicker over a new truck/trailer, but that had nothing to do with their break up. That wasn't the first time she cheated on him, so he did the right thing by walking away. No one should have to tolerate that.

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