Corey Simms: Still Pining For Leah Messer?

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Their marriage lasted a mere six months, and imploded fast and hard on the Teen Mom 2 season finale, but Corey Simms will always think fondly of Leah Messer.

"Corey still has feelings for Leah," a source close to Simms says.

"She is the only girl he ever wanted and he's ever really loved."

By late last year, Leah Messer had clearly moved on, accepting an engagement ring from Jeremy Calvert. She got pregnant by Jeremy, but later had a miscarriage.

Leah Messer, Corey Simms, Baby

For Simms, moving on hasn't been as easy: "Corey is trying to move forward with life, just as Leah has done," the source says. "He is trying hard to get over her."

Leah Messer, still only 19, and Corey Simms, 21, have always had a rocky relationship. The two dated for one month before they found out they were expecting.

They split after the 2009 birth of twins Aliannah and Aleeah, then reunited six months later. After moving in together, Simms proposed. They wed October 17, 2010.

Messer filed for divorce the following April.

"Corey wishes his marriage would have worked out but he knows it's over. He knows in his heart he did all he could do to make it work," the Simms source says.

"Part of him still wishes he and Leah could work things out, but for now he is staying busy working on his new house trying to get it ready for his girls."


I really liked corey and Leah on teen mom. They're break up was really heartbreaking. I've been through something similar in my marriage but after counseling and working thru it we are better. We've been married for over a year. I am also a teen mom with two kids. Corey genuinely cares for leah. I think they are perfect for each other but Leah needs to get her stuff together And realize that no one is going to love her and her kids and care for her and her kids like her kids father. Alot of teen moms use the I'm young excuse.but just like I told myself...your weren't too young to lay down and get pregnant. So now it's time to grow up and be a
Big girl


I think they're both sweet people and great to their kids. They had problems just like every other couple (some without the cheating) but you can't go off everything you see on tv. Come on. I think they both just rushed into a situation and had to learn to love each other for the girls. They did the right thing and not a lot of young couples even make it that far. People have to throw some harsh words in their posts like they're perfect. Do I condone her cheating? Absolutely not. Do we know the whole story? Of course not. Just don't point fingers unless your hands are clean. I hope that they can either get back together or live happy lives apart. I thought they were totally cute together but just needed a little bit of time to grow up. It's so hard to be forced to grow up at such a young age and they tried.


Justbeingme im so happy how mature you are! We should all be just like you


And why do u care what they are doing with "there" money??? i like all these girls but jenell, i do watch the show and i happen to love it when jenelle comes on, i change my channel, its that easy!! i dont sit around bashing her i just make it clear, i dont like her!! all the other girls are great mothers, leave them alone and stop hating!! all of u leaving ur nasty lil comments, yall the immature ones!! stupid lil jealous haters!! i say go teen mom 2!!! love ya girls, well one i dont! je needs 2 go!


People please!!! everyone wants to bash these girls for getting there hair done, nails, etc....yall always complaing, but guess who is helping them get paid for what they do?? u are!! u keep watching & reading everything about them so yup, the ratings go up and there pay checks get bigger, so if u dont like them its easy, change ur damn channel & dont buy the mag's!! stop calling them hoes and talking about how immature they r, esp leigh!! leave the kids alone cause u know all u teenagers r just jealous!


Ok Ginger like you no everything. Calm down.


Corey new about her cheating before they got married. He also cheated on her 4cheating times while they were married. He had already cheated on her when he was getting all upset about her cheating on him before they were married which again he knew about before they were married.
You all probably shouldn't judge so much before you know the facts.


I think they were a good couple. Great parents but when it comes to relationship for leah she is to immature to be serious. She complained about there trailer but yet she picked it out with corey. Ya corey wanted a new truck leah has her nails done every week and her hair. Corey seemed willing to give it up. To me I think leah excepts so much more then anyone can give her. Dont get me wrong.


My first question is - what does she do with the money she earns from Teen Mom?? Why couldn't she afford something better than that trashly little trailer they showed on the show the other night?? I don't get it -- these girls have their hair done different every week, always have their nails done and most of them drive decent cars - they can't they afford a decent place to live - especially for their kids?? Just don't get it - they need to get their priorities straight and put their kids first!


I bet they will end up together again. But who knows. One can hope. Right?!?

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