Christi Lukasiak, Dance Moms Star, to Katherine Heigl: Suck It!

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Feud alert! Christi Lukasiak, one of the mothers on Dance Moms, did not take kindly to Katherine Heigl's criticism of the show, and is firing back with a vengeance.

In an interview with Pittsburgh's 100.7 Star, the hosts asked Christi what she thought about Heigl's Dance Moms diss, in which the actress criticized the Lifetime show as "demeaning," "belittling" to the girls and akin to "burlesque."

Chloe's mom gave her a piece of her mind...

Heigl and dance Mom

"Well, very interesting," Lukasiak said of the former Grey's Anatomy star. "First of all, the music doesn't seem all that adult. Second of all, I recall Katherine Heigl being in a movie about sleeping with an older man when she was about 12, so..."

Oooh, that one stings!

"And she doesn't know that when I put my daughter to bed at night, you know, like, we have a long talk, and the kind of relationship I have with her," Lukasiak adds.

"I don't let anybody mess with my kid. C'mon, have you seen the show? I'm constantly going to bat. I think if anybody fights for their kid, it's me, you know?"

Christi also shoots down any idea that she and the other mothers are "exploiting" kids, and instead argues that they are giving their girls a great opportunity.

"Katherine Heigl can suck it," radio host Bubba chimed in, emphatically. "Yeah, that's what I say, but you said it, not me. I'm just agreeing," Christi said.

Back to you, Katherine ...


I know Christi and her family. She is a liar and a thief. She is a complete phony.


I see Katherine's point, sometimes the show is just hard to watch. Abby does demean these kids but we also need to remember that much of the show is scripted and that these people are paid to play their roles.
I'm hoping that Christi's role is scripted and that she doesn't really act the way she comes off on the show. It's very sad to watch a grown woman rant about how jealous she is of her daughter's eight year old competition. It also amazes me that she has the audacity to make fun at Abby's weight. I'm guessing that she is trying to make herself feel better (about her insanely large nose) by putting someone else down when instead she is showing the public what a dissapointing role model and parent that she has turned out to be for Chloe.
I love how Melissa refuses to stoop down to her level. It goes to show the class from the trash. Chloe is adorable but I feel very sorry for her!


defo agree with Katherine. anyone thinking it is OK to abuse children in any fashion needs their head examined. I know coach's need to be tough on elite persons, but there is more than one way to get the best out of someone without damaging their self-esteem.
it's easier to put someone down or pit them against their friends than have the patience to deal with it in a more positive manner. so teachers who take the put-down route are just plain lazy and in Abby's case, just plain mean. I certainly wouldn't my child under her care.


Christi is right, Know what I would of said, " I wouldn't go talking bad mouth about the show when I bet you don't even watch it! Kathrine, think about what you said, cause I will tell you one thing right now, your gonna regret what you said. The musis is fine cause the music they play on the show is not the real music anyways, so suck it!" Go Christi!


i agree with kathrine hegil.

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