Chris Pine vs. Tom Hardy: Who Would You Rather...

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In This Means War, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy play CIA operatives battling for the heart of Reese Witherspoon.

So it's only natural for us to pit these actors against each in real life, too, isn't it?

Study the looks of Pine and Hardy at the Hollywood premiere of this romantic comedy (try to imagine the latter without his abundance of facial hair if that helps) and answer the pressing question that Witherspoon's character faces in the movie: Who would you rather be interrogated by privately... if you know what we mean?

And the Winner is?

The war is on between Chris Pine and Tom Hardy. Which of these actors would you rather take it from? View Poll »

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Tom Hardy all the way! OMG he is so sexy, accent n all!!!!!!!!!!!!




www fashion-long-4biz com


I choose Reese!!! Lol jk Chris any day of the week!!


defiitely Tom! talented and wayyyyy gorgeous to boot!