Chris Christie Defends Decision to Honor Whitney Houston with Low-Flying Flags

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Whitney Houston will officially rest in peace this Saturday afternoon in New Jersey, as her loved ones gather for a funeral in Newark and millions gather around their computer to watch a live stream.

But the circumstances surrounding this ceremony have been anything but peaceful.

As Houston's family continues to battle with Bobby Brown over whether or not the singer will attend, Governor Chris Christie has been forced to address his state's decision to honor the artist by flying all government flags at half-staff.

Chris Christie-Whitney Houston

“What I would say to everybody is there but for the grace of God go I,” Christie said in response to complaints that New Jersey is turning a drug addict into a role model.

Other objections to the move emanate from those who believe this sort of memorial should be reserved for members of the military, first responders and elected officials.

“I am disturbed by people who believe that because her ultimate demise - and we don’t know what is the cause of her death yet - but because of her history of substance abuse that somehow she’s forfeited the good things that she did in her life,” said the governor during a briefing in northern New Jersey. “I just reject that on a human level.”

The funeral raises two questions, both of which we ask of readers below:



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For all we know, she could have donated money to chairites, and other organizations that have helped her state so if they want to honor her let them, and quit being such pansies and complaining about everything. You dont live there so if you dont like it dont pay attention. If you do live there, what is stopping you from packing up your stuff and moving?


she was a beautiful women with the voice of an angel and addiction was a demon that did her in like its done to millions shes not a heroe and certainly not any role model flag half staff is respect for our fallen heroes not to fallen addicts

Wv peach

Good to hear from you too my friend! You're so right about Whitney.....flag raised or lowered, she was an amazing singer with a voice of an angel. I pray she is at peace now.


The media is a bipolor SOB, lol. They dogged her when she was breathing and doing drugs, got off drugs, relasped back to doing doing, got cleaned, lmao. Wait i'm not done As soon as she passes (not of natural cause, accident, nor murdered) they want to honor and cherish her memories. Why didn't the media respect her the month before. Now we want to honor her with flags that are meant for people and their families who put their lives on the line for us.


I like some of her music. I even bought a record. Despite this, I don’t think the flag needs to fly in Whitney Huston’s honor. I go along with flags at half-mast for first responders, elected officials, and members of the military.
I don’t think her history of drug addiction should enter the discussion. Just leave the honor of the half-mast flag to those who earn it in a conventional way.


I don't believe the flags should be flown at half-staff just because Whitney was famous. She was well paid for her talent.


Just let her rest in peace, and think about the young without a mother. please think about all this, This Young lady lost the one person that she needed in this world.


@ WV Peach,
Hello again!!
Thank you for sharing your opinion. I think that you make a good statement through your comment. Even with a split opinion, I can easily believe that we will always be Whitney super fans!!


So, you don't want to honor this woman who has the voice of an angel and for a little while we got to hear it. She had a problem in her life as most people do. God forgives and loves everyone. But, to those people who keep harping on the drugs and alcohol, why don't you spend some time writing the stations that put on "Jersey Shore", all those slobs do is swear like truckdrivers, drink like pigs and screw like rabbits. This is ok for everyone?! Do you let your children watch this show? Somebody is watching it along with the Kardashian whores!

Wv peach

Leo, it doesn't really matter if she lacked official government status, I think she's a hometown girl who made it to the big league and set her own records. My hometown honored a person in a similar fashion, and he too was a regular guy who did great things. I suppose Christie just wants to pay homage to a local girl who achieved greatness. Just my thoughts.....