Chris Brown to Haters: F--k Off!

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Come on, Chris Brown.
Ohhhhh YEAH

The singer has, for reasons unknown, fired back at those who took aim at Grammy Awards producers for inviting him to perform at music’s big night on Sunday.

Brown did nothing at all controversial during the show, and has been a model citizen of late. It's understandably frustrating that people won't let him move on.

Outbursts like this make it impossible to, however, because they fuel the perception that he's a temperamental hothead who shows no remorse or respect:

C Brown Tweet

The R&B star performed twice and picked up a Best R&B Album prize, but many industry executives, fans and celebs felt he shouldn’t have been there at all.

The Grammy Awards were, of course the scene of his infamous attack on ex-girlfriend Rihanna, which landed him in court on assault charges three years ago.

Tuesday, he Tweeted: “Hate all u want becuz I got a Grammy now! That’s the ultimate f--k off! Watch my back as I walk away from all this negativity.”

Those remarks have since been deleted, but the negativity he seeks to walk away from has only been fostered by his own inability to calm the hell down.

Seriously. Just take a deep breath, pull yourself together and put the iPhone down. Think it through. Maybe then you'll deserve to be called a role model.


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