Chris Brown Reportedly Denies Phone Ganking

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Troubled singer Chris Brown is reportedly adamant that he did not gank the iPhone of a fan who is accusing him of "robbery by sudden snatching."

Brown has been accused of stealing Christal Spann's iPhone after she says she snapped a picture of the singer sitting in the back of a Bentley.

The star allegedly rolled up, snatched the phone, and said, "b!tch, you're not sending this to no website," and then drove off with the thing.

Chris Brown Gets Low

Authorities are investigating, and if Brown is arrested, it would be extremely likely that the L.A. D.A.'s Office will seek to revoke his probation.

Chris is on probation stemming from his no contest plea to battery on Rihanna. A mere arrest - not even a conviction - could jeopardize that.

"Chris wouldn't need to be convicted in the Miami case to cause problems with his probation, just charged,” a source tells Radar Online.

“The conditions of his felony probation are very, very strict."

"Chris must obey all laws and not be arrested for any other crimes. This could be a huge nightmare for his probation if he is arrested and charged."

One person squarely in his camp?

"Chris told Rihanna that he absolutely 1000 percent didn't steal that phone, and Rihanna has told him she believes him."

"Rihanna has also told Chris that she will stand by him during the police investigation, and whatever the future holds."

"This was extremely humbling to Chris given their past, and he told her how much he appreciated her unwavering support, despite the criticism she's endured."

She's been under fire for recording songs with Chris and having him in her life in general.

Rihanna, meanwhile, "has made it very clear to everyone around her that she doesn't want to hear anything negative about having Chris in her life."

"She is a grown woman and she isn't interested in listening to the fears her friends have about the the two young singers spending time together."


He Needs to go 2 JAIL & meet his new cell mate Ben Over I bet he would be a big Cry Baby


Did I hear the word snitch? The question is did he take the cellphone.If Chris Brown never actually took the thing then he has nothing to worry about.The truth will come out.I mean if this girl lied about him stealing her phone he would have every legal right to come after her financially in court.Like I said the truth will come out. One last thing is that you can't blame the media Elisa on this one.Was it the media that forced Chris Brown hand so long ago when he was using Rihanna face as a punching bag? No.The young woman is the one who put this out and then the media caught wind of the situation.Now we have this new incident and till we know all the facts, we've got to let things play out then we'll eventually see what happens.


SEND HIM TO JAIL. make an example out of this disgusting beater/thief.


U r two stupid


this is a bunch of bullshit! why does the media have to make up so muh shit about him! just leave him the fuck alone!




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