Chris Brown Reportedly Denies Phone Ganking

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Troubled singer Chris Brown is reportedly adamant that he did not gank the iPhone of a fan who is accusing him of "robbery by sudden snatching."


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    Neci, I don't hate you. I simply think your opinion would have a better impact on people if you knew how to write properly. As for spelling your name correctly, my iPad changed it because it didn't recognize it.

    I wonder what you will say after Chris really hurts rhianna? The first time is always a simple smack..the next time will be worse yes there will be a next time.


    @icegirl, thank you for trying to correct me on my sentence, sad that you can't even spell my name, it is Neci with an _i_ not a _k_ lol. Hate me all you want, i will support chris brown.


    Neck, it.s not just your spelling. You lack sentence structure and writing skills in general. You may want to spend more time in class and less time defending a woman beater.

    Ke'isha and all the others should probably stay off the internet if they don't want to see the truth. Truth is they no longer have the perfect cover story. Everyone knows he is an abuser and she is too weak and stupid to stay away from him. Some women are simply in love with being in love. Rhianna doesn't want to hear what her friends have to say. She is simple minded for sure.


    Rhianna is an idiot.


    Simple shit, check the phone for Chris' finger prints... Chris is a star, he'll always be subject to criticism...


    @truth, u can kiss my none spelling ass. Shame on u for coming on to the internet, just for your igorant ass to show off being a kkk leader. Oops did i comment kkk leader? hell yeah, i sure did. Im guessing your klan's should be very proud of you right now.


    neci u are a horrible speller, your grammer is a mess, and it does not surprise me that you support chris brown. you are his demographic - small minded and immature. enjoy his music and continue to stay ignorant. dont call us if u ever meet him and he beats u to a pulp.


    @Truth sorry but blacks are not the only ones that like chris brown.You have to have support from white Americans to win grammys like chris brown.


    @truth and meg, so what make you all any smarter for commenting about people spelling? So it dosn't make both of you any educated or book smarts than other's. People like you all, think that its kool to follow behind everybody post and comment about how other's can't spell. Im very sure there are people on this site that you all say that don't used the correct grammar is more smarter than the both of you. It like you all trying call people dumb and stupid at the same time, so i don't think it is right to make fun of people spelling at all. Yes i will comment that i made a frew mistakes, but im not dumb. I have stated a comment, PEOPLE NEED TO STAY OFF HIM, instead of, people need to stay off of chris! So that dosn't prove anything of me not using in correct grammar lol. I am a chris brown supporter and i will keep on being a brezzy fan.


    chris brown is a ghetto thug and will always be that way. i cant stand the jerk. the only people that like him are black. sad.

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