Chris Brown Grammy Performance to Be "Over the Top"

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Chris Brown is planning a crazy performance for the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, according to reports. The star is up for three Grammys - Best R & B Album, Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song - at the annual music extravaganza.

“Chris has been rehearsing non-stop,” a source close to the singer said. “He wants to give the audience and his fans an over top the performance. Chris has put a lot of pressure on himself to deliver, and he will deliver, he always does."

He won't be doing interviews, though ... until 2013 or later.

Brown on Today

It was only three years ago that Brown was arrested for felony battery on his then girlfriend, Rihanna, on the night before the 2009 Grammy Awards.

"Chris is hopeful that his performance will close that chapter on his life," says the source. "He will be bringing his mom to the awards ceremony, she is his biggest fan, and he has told her he is dedicating his performance to her."

"Chris has grown tremendously as a person, and an artist from that time in his life. He's complied with all terms of his probation. He has been a model probationer, but more importantly, Chris accepted responsibility for what he did."

"Chris took that experience and vowed to learn from it and become a better person, and he was thrilled and truly humbled that he was nominated for Grammys."

Rihanna is also nominated for several Grammys and will be performing with Coldplay, but don't expect the former couple to cross paths during the show.

"Rihanna and Chris' handlers will keep them apart during the ceremony, they just don't want to detract from the awards. Chris and Rihanna have absolutely been spending time together, but they keep it far from prying eyes," the insider states.

Expect the rumor mill to go ballistic regardless.


If you don't like him, kill yourself! Please, it make some of you all feel so better.


Yea breezy is tha most ridiculously amazing artist n um sure he's gonna rock the grammys stage, , always love ya. . .go team breezy


This is gonna be tight coz rianna will be also performing on d same stage...i cañt wait 2 see em both lookin @ each other


You all dnt live in their lives & no of u are perfect Ppl either so STOP judging! Plus if a B**** was in your face u men would push/beat & make sure she is out of your face! Rhianna is a Drama person plan & simple! Let Chris move 4ward with his life! He's talented & there is no need to hate on him! Don't chose one side of a story Ppl! There are always 2 sides! She is obviously obsessed over chris otherwise she wouldn't be seeing him @ his studio!!!! So if u wanna be mad @ any be mad @ the B**** for wanting him back! He ain't chasing her a** she's chasing HIS!!
Open your eyes & see the truth for what it is! Don't just hate on chris cause u feel sorry 4 her! Why would she want to damage his relationship if she was good?
Educate yourselves be4 u judge chris! Know the facts 1st! She's a Drama, dirty & raunchy ho! Them boys need to get a check up!


This guy is a typical black. I'm not saying he is totally useless like T-Jones. That closet Gay is a NIGGER. She is giving Gays, Katrina Refugees even Street Gangs a bad names. Brown is not quite the pathetic Racist shit she is. That God huh?


@Kay and Truth
From the way u talk,its easy to be sure u guys have done worse things,even God that is sinless still forgive people,GET OVER IT and quit HATING!


kay, i agree. c brown is a typical angry black man with no education. why anyone would pay money to see his sorry lady-slapping ass is beyond me. he is a big loser.




Smh I can't believe people r still bringing up the 2009 incident omg GET OVER IT LOSERS that was in the past and Chris has accepted the punishment and everything is forgiven. Why u hatin if he is tryin to get his life together? Would u like it everybody kept bringing up YOUR mistake? Man get over it, let him be :) I love u Chris, keep making amazing music and wowing me with your performances and I wish u all the best


I think that It's nice that they are letting Chris Brown go cause he is very talented and he is really a great person if u really think about it. I know he made a mistake in the pass but you guys can hold on to the most stupidess Things, he made one mistake and that mistake go for his whole life like wtf u I mean like how can u hold in to something so long like it happen to u and even then u Should let it go unless u GOT some trust issues bad then u need help but o.a.n may God be with u Chris Brown and good luck at the Grammys may Fine young man.

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