Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran Enjoying "Open Relationship," Source Claims

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"Girl I wanna f*** you right now. Been a long time, I've been missing your body." - the first line of Chris Brown and Rihanna's remix of "Birthday Cake"

Despite suggestive lyrics like that, and plenty of other rumors surrounding Chris Brown and Rihanna, Karrueche Tran isn't bothered by all the noise.

That's because the two have an open relationship, according to reports.

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"Karrueche isn't stupid, and she has told friends that they have an open relationship. She never asks about Rihanna, ever," says a source of Brown's girlfriend.

"Chris will take several days to call her back at times, and that is OK with Karreuche. She doesn't pressure or hound Chris, it's just not what she is about."

"She recognizes that they are both young, and she isn't going to let the fact Chris is spending time with his ex-girlfriend come between what they have."

What they have? It doesn't sound like much ... but good for them!

Karreuche and Brown were recently seen in Miami, and she "is clearly enjoying the attention and notoriety she is getting being his girlfriend," a source says.

As for rumors that Rihanna may become his girlfriend instead?

In 2009, Chris Brown was arrested for felony battery on Rihanna, the night before the Grammy Awards. Now they're making beautiful music together again.

Only in the literal sense ... or maybe not. While sources say they are not planning a reconciliation, Rihanna would not fear the public backlash if they did.

"They have probably hooked up half a dozen times in the past year, but it's unlikely that Rihanna and Chris would ever get back together though,” an insider said.

The reason being?

“Rihanna doesn't give a s--t if she were to get public backlash if they were to reconcile, but she is the one calling the shots now, which she likes."

"She knows that if they were to get back together, she wouldn't be able to maintain that strong role, and Chris would likely lose interest."

"They are both very young still, and Rihanna knows she would never be able to trust Chris because he has problems staying faithful."

Given that he's supposedly hooking up with her while dating Karreuche Tran right now, she would have a decent argument to make there.



These woman let him think it is ok to be disrespectful to woman. I have a todddler boy and if he grew up to be like this I would be discusted.


First--- Chris Brown dose not need a second chance. He is not that good of a singer, he only dances good because he memics Michael Jackson, Rapping is not music,
Second--- Why is socielty forgiving him for abuse? if he was a common Joe on the streets he would have been locked up and charged, we should not give excuses for his behavior, just like Lindsey Lohan should not have anymore chances! I don't even know why he got a Grammy, he jumped around on blocks and sang a rediculous song, who gives a sh**! NO EXCUSES FOR HIS BEHAVIOR, GET A LIFE CHRIS, SERVE YOUR TIME. anybody else facing those charged would have been behind bars. Chris Brown sucks.... and is not talented, he floates on other peoples names for publicity. poor little boy.


How can he take several days to call her, if they're living together????? I mean, they're like a married couple basically. He needs to grow up, be a man and treat women right.


i dont know why but i feel its like a game i dont like to play cuz life is once and we should try to study our partner and live with joy.
anyway chris is happy and thats all that matters :)


@TSherrie, did you end with "keep the music clean" wtf! Chris Brown has never kept the music clean. LMFAO! Let them hookup, who cares. The girlfriend is a moneyhungry bitch. No woman would put up with someone else messing with her man. Well no self respecting woman.


These people will epically fail at marriage or as Chris Brown may call it "a long term huk up wifh babiez"


I jus heard "bday cake" and "turn up the music" rmx..Both those chicks the ones who look bad,not him.#pimpinainteasy


Chris and rihanna are both very successful and young but those 2 on a song 2gether is not exciting.And that chick he wit just thirsty cuz a REAL bytch dnt play that!!!!


@TSherrie- Like you have not seen this in a Black Male 10 times this week? Please..................


Who is this source? If it's open she gets to have freelance meat herself. Not a bad deal.

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