Chris Brown and CM Punk: Twitter Feud Alert!

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If you thought Tweeting birthday wishes to Rihanna was the most talked-about thing Chris Brown would do all day on social media, you thought wrong!

WWE heavyweight champion CM Punk and the hot-tempered R&B singer have been going at it on Twitter. It's safe to say you could call punk a "hater."

Punk randomly tweeted that he wants to "curb stomp" Brown at an upcoming WWE event, so Brown can "fight somebody that can defend themselves."

Brown caught wind of the tweet ... and decided to fire back.

Christopher Maurice Brown
CM Punk Photo

He wrote: "@CMpunk needs more followers. Such a leader! Not to mention the roids hes on has made it utterly impossible for him pleasure a women."


In his typical, sarcastic tone, Chris went on to add, "@CMpunk contact my assistant and I'll have em send u an autographed pic for my biggest FAN!!!"

Seriously, Chris, please put the phone down, man. Why do you think the "haters" won't let you move on? You're just making it worse on yourself. CHILL.

Chris' tweet about Punk's junk not working has obviously been removed. Something tells us Brown's mom is going to be far from pleased about this.

CM Punk, who has said that he's never taken drugs, has not responded to the steroid allegations or the implication that he can't please "a women."

Also no word on whether Chris accepts this fight invite:

Brown Punk Ass Tweet



GOD bless Chris Brown's heart. I couldn't relate to all these people bringing up my past especially after I have been tried by a Judge and even friend with the person who I love that I hurt. It is truly ashame at how these grown ass people don't understand how at the time Chris was a teenager Not a grown Man like Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Nicohlas Cage, Eminem and not to mention all the WWF those Men are always beating women using drugs with underage girls. It's a disgrace how these people are attack a young man trying to put the pieces of his life together. Life is short get a life not live in someone else's.


lol, fake rednecks! here pointing fingers while charlie & mel has blood in their hands. its always wrong when chris responds but its ok for them to keep attacking him.===>hypocrites & of cause, racist pricks (patrick) one white b8tch starts, it off, all the rest joins in, and Chris is the moron for "defending" himself? according to the author of this shit blog THIS IS ALL BULLSHIT!


Half of the people commenting here have been turned down a million times by women..... coming here to jerk off on Chris Brown. If you are a woman, and you messed up ur relationship with one man, FIND ANOTHER ONE! and stop moaning about some silly domestic abuse shit. Chris made a mistake and the person concerned has forgiven him and moved on! but all you "red necks" crept out of the woods to feast on a dead an gone story like ZOMBIES


Hey @patrick cock sucker; oh wait i mean "red neck"! FUCK OFF!....not everyone is a wrestler! (all muscles and no brain)...jumping around in rings like monkeys! Chris dealt with him best! all you computer killers can FUCK OFF!


The cowardly moron clearly just searched 'professional wrestlers' on google and then brought that up on twitter, if he'd even bothered to search "CM Punk" he would've realised what a stupid comment he made. By the way, how is the word 'hater' an insult in this context? As far as I'm concerned somebody telling me that I'm a hater of woman beaters isn't exactly going to leave me massively offended.


I think people should move on from this whole thing. Let it go. I know hitting a woman is wrong but like really come on. Chris and Rihanna obviously moved on from the incident so why can't y'all? All they want to do it move on and carry on with their lives.LET IT GO.


CB will Never be a true star with polish!!
Back in the golden days, the studios and as in the case of Motown, cleaned up and polished their performers. CB went out into the world and earned hit records and a movie, but he was Never cleaned up, or polished to handle the onslaught of fame as fame is. At his highest peak of doing commercials and a wide fan base,he got the worst publicity of all. Even when bad publicity dies down, he somehow is able to pick up a New opponent who will give a shout out to him in a Negative manner. A true star would recognize the bait, and Not bite, but because of CB's own insecurities, he feels the absolute Need to answer. He may have been born with the Name Chris Brown, but it appears that he *answers to any Name or comment that is thrown his way.
It is Not what you are called, but what you (choose to)answer to!!


I hope they meet and Cm Punk GTS's his sorry arse right there and then the twat!


Chris is a B**ch made punk. Steroids CM Punk right he is natural steroids make you huge not like CM Punk. I guess because Chris I am a B**ch Brown sees WWE his simple mind jumps to ignorant. CM Punk just wanted to fix his huge F'N overbit. Ok all you dumb chicks can now go off because you all love his dumb woman beating a**.


I still havent forgotten what Chris did to Rihannan. I think he was a pos then and still think he is a pos today. I will never understand why there are people that defend his ass when he is a known women beater. Makes no sense. There is no ok for a man to put his hands on a woman and does not make him a man if he does so.

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