Chris Brown and CM Punk: Twitter Feud Alert!

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If you thought Tweeting birthday wishes to Rihanna was the most talked-about thing Chris Brown would do all day on social media, you thought wrong!

WWE heavyweight champion CM Punk and the hot-tempered R&B singer have been going at it on Twitter. It's safe to say you could call punk a "hater."

Punk randomly tweeted that he wants to "curb stomp" Brown at an upcoming WWE event, so Brown can "fight somebody that can defend themselves."

Brown caught wind of the tweet ... and decided to fire back.

Christopher Maurice Brown
CM Punk Photo

He wrote: "@CMpunk needs more followers. Such a leader! Not to mention the roids hes on has made it utterly impossible for him pleasure a women."


In his typical, sarcastic tone, Chris went on to add, "@CMpunk contact my assistant and I'll have em send u an autographed pic for my biggest FAN!!!"

Seriously, Chris, please put the phone down, man. Why do you think the "haters" won't let you move on? You're just making it worse on yourself. CHILL.

Chris' tweet about Punk's junk not working has obviously been removed. Something tells us Brown's mom is going to be far from pleased about this.

CM Punk, who has said that he's never taken drugs, has not responded to the steroid allegations or the implication that he can't please "a women."

Also no word on whether Chris accepts this fight invite:

Brown Punk Ass Tweet



cm punk no one likes u on wrestling and give the title back to john cena. i would love to see the undertaker give u the tonbstone ur a has been get out of wrestling and go hang with hulk and wooooooo rick flair there more ur style and its for u that i don't watch wwe anymore


If cm punk want to fight chris for trying to make a change in life, needs to not start no violence with chris. It's crazy that chris don't be starting nothing with nobody. Stalker's always states that he have an anger problem, when they come's off calling him names. So who have the anger problem now? It's sure not chris brown... But it sad that the hater's are the people that be the agressive one's on his twitter. Why do you all think that chris be laughing all the way to the bank?


I would love for CM Punk to beat the shit out of Chris Brown and make him cry i can't stand Chris Brown He beats a women and everything is OK its not he should be in a hole where he belongs maybe Chris brown should try fighting someone that can fight back and beat the shit out of him and CM PUNK is the one to do that I don't respect women beaters if i were to see Chris Brown on the street i would stab him he's not sorry for what he did he is a typical women abuser he says hes sorry to earn your trust back and he does it again he will do it to another girl once a women beater always a women beater. He is just making things worse for him.


@Ray, actually I have always felt that way.


lmfao first off Cm punk is Mad late! and secondly why does chris respond to the noise, he justs makes it worse for himself lol


@Tara/ I love it that you are not judgmental. One half black child? In the military? I am thinking that you are the kind of country girl that took this " glass house" stance after you had the mixed child?


@CJ Carter- I'm thinking a CONCIOUS would be a prerequisite in order to commit suicide! In other words- he will be just fine.


For those saying that what he did was a mistake, well this mistake will haunt him forever. He will always be known as a woman beater, always!


He was 18 he made a mistake rihanna left it behind who the fuck are you to judge him? He didn't hit you he hit her and he payed for it. What she hit him? Would you be giving her this bullshit you just hating coz his successful I bet you've done worse fucking leave it I don't like him but this hate is annoying what if he commits suicide? Will that make you happy?


@Reed, you are correct. Brown thinks he is so tough cause he beats a woman? Let's see how he does fighting someone like CM Punk who is capable of beating his ass. Teach him some manners. Maybe then he will learn to not be so ghetto and the kids today can learn to be more civil.

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