Chelsea Houska Denies Prescription Drug Addiction

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Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska is shooting down accusations that she has a problem with prescription drugs. The South Dakotan denies having an addition to Ambien.

An addiction to leopard print apparel and fake tanning, maybe, but not Ambien.

Star and HollywoodLife reported that Chelsea is hooked on Ambien and takes it with alcohol every night after her cute daughter Aubree goes to sleep.

A source close to Chelsea Houska says that's BS.

Chelsea Houska on Teen Mom 2

"It's completely false and disgusting," says a Houska confidante.

"She'd never do anything to jeopardize her life or her daughter's. It frustrates her since she feels it affects how people think of her as a mother and it's not even true."

Chelsea also personally spoke out about the false drug reports.

"Good thing outlets like @star_news (star mag) & @hollywoodlife have "accurate" sources that tell them false stories about me, nice research work :/" she Tweeted.

If only she could dispatch Adam Lind like she did this gossip!

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Come on people really you can't just let the girl live her life she's been through enough shit with her piece of shit " baby daddy" let her be!!!!


Im in love with chelsea's dad!! Whats the scoop on him?


I don't know if chelsea have a drug problem, but her exboyfreind may have one............


Omg... She is a.GREAT mom leave her along and if she is on pills let her & her with it not the world... P.S ur agreat mom...


i went to high school with chelsea and she was never one to take any sort of pills. idk how any of you ppl come up with this crap?!?! seriously go bug someone else! chelsea is an awesome mom and i know this for a fact! so stop saying all this stuff about her and get your facts straight before pointing fingers!


I think she needs to pop so more pills, cuz she just not getting she pick the biggest d bag in the world to be her baby daddy... way to go...... just going to be 1 big let down after another for the rest of her she is such a loser can even get her GED to better her life for that kid if it wasn't for her parents an mtv paying her bills she would be the states problem, but on the up side she always looks pretty for the camras while her whole life is a mess! have at it, a whole hand full of happy pills, she's a Dumb witch!!!


i think its a shame that the public would put out lies like that they are still young girls still trying to grow up to fast

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