Chelsea Handler Talks Abortion, Penises with Rosie O'Donnell

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For Chelsea Handler, no topic is ever off limits. To wit:

She appeared yesterday on The Rosie Show and opened up about two personal topics:

  1. The abortion Handler had when she was 16, saying she  has "no regrets" about her decision now because "I wouldn't be a good mother" and adding overall: "You should do whatever you want with your body and you shouldn't let anyone tell you what to do."
  2. The size of 50 Cent's penis, following this comedian's fling with the rapper. Is it really that big?

Find out the answer below!

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No chelsea supporter, you really are an idiot. We do believe in birth control..and why? Because we are smart enough to use it so we wouldn't be put in the situation of being pregnant and not being able to take care of the we wouldn't have to even think about having an abortion. Good Lord, that made you sound so stupid.


@ Chelsea supporter you are a moron and a fool


Chelsea is funny as hell and hate to break it to you haters...but abortion is legal and a choice for a reason. She is standing up for the stigmatism people like you create. Get a friggin clue..the majority of teens are having sex at 16..but I suppose you don't believe in birth control either. The overall gist of these comments are humorous!


OMG!!!! Black dudes are my faves !!!!!!


@Splash- Thank You! Also thanks for supporting the cause- its necessary to BOOM SHAKKA LAKKA the bunch of them. Specially- T*ONE*


Buford....(I remember the film, by the way). Your commentary is pure poetry! I sit here so overwhelmed with admiration for your critique of a celebrity naughty girl. Not everyone could pen such descriptive prose! Your choice of adjectives create distinct images in my mind. I don't have to fish for some deep, esoteric meaning because you paint pictures with such concise,colorful words. I predict you'll be nominated for a Pultizer Prize before ya know it!


She needs to soak her ass in kerosene. I am guessing that everyone in Harlem has drove her ass. I am positive that you could slide a quarter behind her waxy ear and her mouth would fly open. she has a face that looks like it is just begging to be farted on.


What kind of pig aborts her kid and then brags about being w/a no talent,hack,thug rapper? -----------> Chelsea Handler! Role model for feminist,white trash everywhere:)


I'll have to say that I would piss on her only if that face was on fire.


she is a dumb ugly slut and i wouldn't piss on her if she were on fire.Nothing uglier than a liberal WHITE WOMAN period,get over yourselves baby killers.Skank'o rama--no morals,no class,no conscience.Enjoy your AIDS infested black men WH_RE!No white guy in his right mind would ever touch a fugly pro-choice,reprobate like her.