Celine Dion Blames Drugs, Hollywood for Whitney Houston Death

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Celine Dion called in to Good Morning America today and had A LOT to say about Whitney Houston, an artist Dion referred to as "an amazing inspiration."

"It's just really unfortunate that drugs, bad people, bad influences took over her dreams, her motherhood," said the singer. "When you think about Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson.. To get into drugs like that for whatever reason - because of stress, bad influence, whatever."

Whitney Houston, Looking Rough
Celine Dion at the Oscars

While the official coroner's report won't be available for weeks, sources say Houston died from a mixture of drugs and alcohol. There were bottles of Ibuprofen, Xanax, Midol and Amoxicillin for at the scene.

Whitney, sadly, left behind an 18-year old daughter, Bobbi Kristina, who is suffering terribly without her mother.

And Dion just finds the whole thing tragic, blaming the overall lifestyle of Hollywood a bit for the downfall of this icon.

"What happens when you have everything? Love, support, motherhood... Something happens that I don't understand. That's why I'm scared of show business, of drugs and hanging out. That's why I don't go to parties!"


this is sad. It always is. this is no surprise. people have to be responsible for themselves. this happens everyday somewhere. quit going over it with a fine toothed comb. she took drugs - to many.


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Sugarbritches- It's not selfishness. It's called addiction. Pure and simple. It may start out as a choice but addiction is a different ball game entirely. I suppose you should be happy that you have no understanding of what that means. Do you honestly believe that celebs are dying, leaving their children and families behind, bc they know there will be a tribute? I hope you're fortunate enough to live in blissful ignorance for the rest of your life.These celebrity deaths are merely a reflection of an enormous problem that exists throughout our country, Many die every day from rx abuse that you never hear about, that never have week/month long televised tributes. Hardly a person exists that won't be touched by this in one form or another. I hope you're one of them.


Once again life shows you that it is the individual who has to be responsible for himself. This same story can be told all over the Country. To be surprised at this is like being surprised to see a wreck at NASCAR. I went to a 19 yr. olds Funeral last month- Drug OD. At the deceased parents request the Preacher presented Raw Reality to the 100+ " ball cap wearing - tattooed - pierced crowd. When he got thru reeking his " Pulpit Punch" you could hear a pin drop! He tore ass for 45 minutes. Those punk ass kids walked out with tears in their eyes and ball caps in hand! Hopefully something good will come from this- if not- it's a lesson wasted.


maybe if we didnt give week or month long tributes to these drug addicted people they would stop killing themselves all over the place!! She knows she has people that love her (her daughter and family and all her fans) and continuing to abuse herself to the point of death is just plain selfishness and these moviestars and singers know after they die everyone will be talking about them.. It disgusts me!!


U speak the truth Celine. . . .

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