Celebs Rip Grammys Over Chris Brown Lovefest

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Chris Brown managed to stir up some controversy once again at the 2012 Grammy Awards ... even if all the singer did was show up, perform and win.

Some stars, including Miranda Lambert, wondered why the Best R&B Album winner / convicted felon was featured on not one but two performances.

On Monday, the country superstar tweeted "Chris Brown twice? I don't get it. He beat on a girl ... Not cool that we act like that didn't happen."

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Miranda Lambert at Grammys

"He needs to listen to Gunpowder and lead and be put in his place. Not at the Grammys." That's a reference to Lambert's 2007 hit "Gunpowder and Lead."

The lyrics to that song describe a woman preparing to kill her abusive husband when he gets out of jail. "His fist is big but my gun's bigger," she sings.

Lambert isn't the only celeb who questioned Brown's Grammy presence. "Chris Brown ... (bites tongue) have we forgiven him?" Michelle Branch asked.

Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet posted, after watching Brown's Grammy performance, "Are Chris Brown's mom and dad CBS and Grammy Brown?"

"Looks like all is forgiven (with) Chris Brown," Sherri Shepherd tweeted. "That's all I'll say." As of right now, Chris has not responded to these Tweets.

"Team Breezy we have come such along way and I'm so appreciative of you guys!!!! No matter what anyone says.... WE MADE IT!!" was all he wrote.

Chris infamously assaulted then-girlfriend Rihanna on the eve of the 2009 Grammys, an incident some feel should have kept him from this year's show.

Your take: Did the Grammys show Chris too much love?


It's time for you negative people to get over it!!!!! Chris has paid his debt and he doing what he has been told to do by the courts. All you other judges are the only ones continuing to bring his past up!!!!! Check your past all you saints of God I think not!!!!!! Chris does not have to prove anything to you!!!!!!!! He made a mistake he's human. The more you put down the more the Lord will show him favor...... Sweep around your own front door and stay away from his. He performed GREAT and he won a Grammy while all you judges watched!!!!!! I told you Favor ain't fair but he got it from the most high so all Chris needs to do is praise God continue to work on his music and pray for y'all!!!!!!!!! Love you Chris


Chris Brown is a regular person whose profession allows him to be in the limelight. He is a young man who made a mistake. I'm just trying to figure out why everyone is so concerned about this like he personally offended or out his hands on any of those with such disgust and disdain. The fact that he made a mistake in his personal life with his woman at the time does not disspell the fact that he is a good entertainer. Damn people have we never seen Sesame Street "everyone makes mistakes". Rihanna stood up and clapped for him...soooo....


Miranda Lam! ...sweetie find something better to do than hate on Chris. Winning!


Before any of you defend this fool make sure you know how to type proper English...And leave the man alone..oh please. His music is not all that great I have heard better and he hits women...How would you feel if your boyfriend or husband would hit you ? So please stop protecting the ass-whole..he needs to go to JAIL


@ Neci- Neci is the reason I don't eat Mushrooms and Drink cheap wine anymore. I thinks she nods off between sentences in typing.


people plz everyone makes mistakes just leave da dam boy alone cuz am sure he has reget every minute evert second of wat he did,so just stop writin these things about him


neci u sound like a whack job.


Enough is enough. Where you getting these sick wack jobs from. What Chris Brown did happen over when and you keep judging this man. Most of you writing these negative comments probaly beat your wives, girlfriends or boyfriends all the time and darn them to come forth. These Rock musician are always kicking their wives and girlfriends around and stomping them hushed up with drugs or jewerly and a apology day after. Give this man a break. You sit back in judgement of this man look at yourselves in the mirror. I am sure after his first experience with beating up his girlfriend while high on drugs he has lost and learned a lot about physical abuse. But he don't have to pay for every woman who was abused by her betterhalf.


@Sha-nna whatever ur name is, why is im not making any sense? It is simply because you are not reading my comment correct at all. You are too busy trying to point the finger at somebody else doing, but ur own. HEA, was trying to twist words around in the bible, to prove some kind of opinion. If you going to state the fact, please explain the whole truth about it. Hey shan-nna have you ever read the whole bible? If not, me and you should not share any comments.


people today have become judges of other people life and think they know every thing because it is in the news and they want to hang our black children all over again we all make mistakes and chis has paid for his. we all need to move on he without sin cast the first stone. and at that i say judge not for u will be judged also this is only one stop along the way. and who are you to call someone a loser he has more than you and he worked for it nothing in life come free if you are BLACK GET OVER IT Rhi forgive him.

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