Caught with a Condom: Zac Efron on Red Carpet of The Lorax Premiere

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Hey, at least he's practicing safe sex!

At this week's Hollywood premiere of The Lorax - a children's film, ironically - Zac Efron reached into his pocket to hand an item to his assistant. But something else accidentally fell out and fell to the ground, in front of countless onlookers: A condom.

Set to appropriate music, watch the hilarious clip now:

The only real question, of course: Who was this condom intended for? Zac's Valentine's Day date?

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Lol he's hot who cares he should be having sex


I think zac is in alot of trouble about sex. First his escapde to hotl san diego, spend amore than a $1000.00 in the hotel. Now this one. What is next zax efron.


Hahahahaha!this is so FUNNY. Me love it


its great that hes practicing safe sex but a condom in your front pocket? at a premiere for a childrens movie??? dude get a wallet lol


Its about time


I love it that he has to laugh himself. It's good that he's having safer sex. And why shouldn't he have sex? He's a very handsome, hot young, famous actor.


It could be anything. it looks like it could be a gold card.


I am happy that he at least practices safe sex