Bobby Brown Loves Whitney Houston Like God, Is a Bad Ass

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Bobby Brown will head to New Jersey this Saturday for the funeral of his ex-wife, but first he joined New Edition last night for a concert in Maryland.

The singer took to the stage in front of a packed house there and gave an odd shout-out to Whitney Houston.

"Life is life... You have to move on sometimes," Brown announced, adding: "I love [Whitney] like I love God ... my name is BAD ASS Bobby Brown."

Well, okay then. Take a look and a listen now:


Umm burnout!

Ms billie

That was definitely an odd shout-out. Saying he love Whitney like he loves God.... my name is BAD ASS BOBBY BROWN. That is disrespectful to Whitney, God and his fiancee. He's such an asshole and the woman he calls his fiancee is crazy for putting up with his dumb shit.


I tip my hat to Bobby Brown. Call me craZy. He said it best last night... "Sometimes we just have to move on..." He loved Whitney showed her or their daughter any disrespect on last night. Life unfortunely, does go on. I pray that God will touch all of you during this time of sorrow. God Bless You All.

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