Bobby Brown: Barred from Whitney Houston Funeral?

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A few more details have been released regarding Whitney Houston's funeral on Saturday, and one is especially troubling for Bobby Brown.

First, though, we can confirm that gospel singer Marvin Winans - who officiated the 1992 wedding of Houston and Brown - will eulogize the legend at New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, while New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says government building flags will fly at half-staff that day.

Bobby Brown on Stage

But will Brown even be in attendance at the memorial?

Insiders tell TMZ that certain members of Whitney's family do not want her ex-husband there, presumably due to his negative influence on Houston when they were married and the belief that he introduced her to a world of narcotics.

Bobby, of course, wants to pay his respects to Whitney and also wants to be there for daughter Bobbi Kristina, who is struggling mightily - she's been hospitalized twice for anxiety - with her mother's passing.


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If they are the Christian's they confess to be then they will let him come.the bible says I am not the author of confusion. Let God be the judge .amen, I pray for them all. I believe this is just a lot of hearsay.


Dats so wrong..Whitney said it herself it was two addiction...smh


I just seen an interview with a longtime friend of whitney houstons and she did drugs even before she met bobby brown...whitney is her own person...bobby did not kill her ...soo the family should just get over it..and let bobby pay his last respects to his daughters mother and let him be there for BK she needs him now more then anything...I hope bobby gets to pay his last respects... r.I.p whitney


Everyone needs to put aside their feelings towards Bobby Brown and let him be there for his daughter and pay respects to his ex wife. They did a lot of dumb stuff, but it wasnt all bobbys fault. What I dont understand is all this talk about her "refusing help". In the average mans world if somewhere were caught abusing it would be mandatory rehab and recovery. Lets get a grip and treat the rich and famous the same way we treat everyone else!


The Family does not need to make this anymore Drama Ridden then it is!!!


I can' t believe this...he still need to be there for his daughter if she 18 or might wake him up and stop what he is doing...RIP WHITNEY!!


Nobody introdueces anyone to narcotics each and every person is there own person and she chose to pick up the drugs regardless if bobby brown was with her we are all responsible for our own well being....


If u guys would watch the interview tbis evening on OWN, it may shed light on the fact that WHITNEY said that she was NOT innocent and that SHE was dabbling in drugs before she met Bobby Brown. The fact still remains that Whitney loved her now ex-husband. We can't choose nor can we control who we fall in love with. THEY had issues that drove them apart and the beatings? Many of them, WHITNEY said she instigated herself. Friends of hers stated in interviews that she could get street in a New York minute. All this to say this one thing....LEAVE THIS SITUATION TO BE JUDGED BY GOD! WHITNEY wAS A HELLUVA WOMAN AND IS LEAVING A HELLUVA LEGACY! HER PAST IS IRRELEVANT AT THIS sTAGE OF tHE GAME. BE rESPECTFUL AND fURTHERMORE, RESPECT tHE FACT THAT BOBBY HAS LOVE FOR THIS WOMAN REGARDLESS OF THEIR CHECKERED PAST.


this is so very sad let the man be with hes daughter
it may keep her from haveing panic attacks we all know its not about him he needs to be with her sometimes daddy will only do she lost her everything !!!!


i think that anyone who puts the blame of drug use on others is in denial. bobby did not make her do drugs and if he wants to pay respects and be supportive for his daughter then let him. bobby wasn't the only one wrong in the relationship and quite frankly if the tables were turned and bobby was the one who died, you know whitney would have been at his funeral paying respects so let him do the same. in the end maybe let bobbi kristina be the deciding factor she is the one who should be deciding anyways considering she probably knows what relationship they had better than anyone. rip whitney.