Bobby Brown: Barred from Whitney Houston Funeral?

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A few more details have been released regarding Whitney Houston's funeral on Saturday, and one is especially troubling for Bobby Brown.

First, though, we can confirm that gospel singer Marvin Winans - who officiated the 1992 wedding of Houston and Brown - will eulogize the legend at New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, while New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says government building flags will fly at half-staff that day.

Bobby Brown on Stage

But will Brown even be in attendance at the memorial?

Insiders tell TMZ that certain members of Whitney's family do not want her ex-husband there, presumably due to his negative influence on Houston when they were married and the belief that he introduced her to a world of narcotics.

Bobby, of course, wants to pay his respects to Whitney and also wants to be there for daughter Bobbi Kristina, who is struggling mightily - she's been hospitalized twice for anxiety - with her mother's passing.


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I must say im praying for bobbi kristina, bobby brown and the Houston Family.. Every 1 needs to stop disrespecting whitney & bobby brown and bobbi kristina.. For 1 thing so what if whitney and bobby brown did drugs that was their business..Yes i do think bobby should be allowed to go to the funeral.. whitney loved bobby enough to have his baby and married him..He will always have a piece of her heart he was the father of her only child.. whitney said out of her own mouth that bobby brown was her drug she loved him to death even after the divorce my heart goes out to this family R.I.P. Whitney Houston


I believe that Mr. Brown was professionally jealous of Ms. Houston’s career and talents, especially, after his voice was shot and his career sagging, and Ms. Houston was still in demand because she still had her voice. But Ms. Huston held herself back from her career because she loved Mr. Brown. And divorcing him felt to her like she failed him because understood him and she felt like he needed her. That's my impression. Which is why I also believed that she sabotaged her career after she divorced Mr. Brown. All of those fucked up singing tours she did, and she did not give a good goddamn! LOL!! Her voice was fine when they were married. Suddenly, her voice is whacked after the divorced. Go figure!


Ms. Houston was very loyal in her relationship with her Mr. Brown. I was very surprised when Ms. Houston had decided to divorce Mr. Brown. I thought that he would have wind up leaving her! I sensed that she was a lot less happy being divorced from than being married to Mr. Brown. I sensed that she would have much rather sank with the ship! Because I believe that a part of her felt that she understood him like no one else did. That’s why I also believe that she held herself back, as far as her career was concern, while she was still married to Mr. Brown. When they were married, she still had the singing pipes, and he did not.


For the sake of Bobbi Kristina, her father should be there with her at her mother's funeral. I have no doubt that Bobby Brown introduce Ms. Houston to drugs. And they were the complete opposite of each other. Ms. Houston came from a very solid close knit family background. I don't know a whole lot about Mr. Brown's background. I remember when he use to sing with the teeny bopper R&B group, The First Edison. And I believe that Mr. Brown was the first to leave the group to form a solo career. And in spite of the fact that as far as drugs are concern, he did influenced Ms. Houston, I also believe that Ms. Houston had a choice to stay in the relationship with Mr. Brown under those conditions for as long as she was in the relationship with her Mr. Brown, or get the hell out of Dodge!


Oh thats right Cynthia, Jesus had *Judas* at his DINNER TABLE too, but he was Jesus.FORGET it. No one ever wants their *X* HUSBAND or *X* wife at their wake. Even in death, he had to stay with his BAND, instead of leaving and wanting to be with his daughter, right away. He loves himself, and that is ALL.


Nickie! Its a little LATE don't you think to even be CONCERNED with her *X* husband. Whitney's family, has that RIGHT to EXILE him from this *Celebration of Whitney's Life*. He was the THRON in Whitney's side, and brought her DOWN. If you watch some of the reports on him, you will notice how in one scheme, or even 2, where he and Whitney and Bobbi Kristina are standing there, and he tries to kiss B.Kristina, and she PULLS AWAY, and Whitney saw it, and glances directly at him and then AWAY. That seemed very ODD/QUESTIONABLE. Whitney kept a SECRET and knew that she had to ESCAPE from that marriage. He is her *X* husband, and NOTHING MORE.I hope that the Houston family STAND FIRM, with their decision to KEEP him OFF the premise. Whitneys daughter will have PLENTY of family there to HELP her deal with her GRIEF. B.Kristina has had to ENDURE enough.


If Bobby Brown wants to attend his ex wife's funeral, then he should. It is a matter of paying his respect.
I am sure he wants to be there for his daughter.


This is not about DRUGS this is about a ex husband and father wanting to pay his respect.just because they was not together don't mean that bobby and Whitney didn't still love each other sometime separation is best


I agree. He's a punk!


My prayers are with the entire family. Times like these should have families pulling together, thus they seem to rip them apart. Instead of blaming, they should remember her and respect her life. She would not have wanted things to go arye in her passing. I hope that God step in and clean this up.