Bobby Brown: Barred from Whitney Houston Funeral?

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A few more details have been released regarding Whitney Houston's funeral on Saturday, and one is especially troubling for Bobby Brown.

First, though, we can confirm that gospel singer Marvin Winans - who officiated the 1992 wedding of Houston and Brown - will eulogize the legend at New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, while New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says government building flags will fly at half-staff that day.

Bobby Brown on Stage

But will Brown even be in attendance at the memorial?

Insiders tell TMZ that certain members of Whitney's family do not want her ex-husband there, presumably due to his negative influence on Houston when they were married and the belief that he introduced her to a world of narcotics.

Bobby, of course, wants to pay his respects to Whitney and also wants to be there for daughter Bobbi Kristina, who is struggling mightily - she's been hospitalized twice for anxiety - with her mother's passing.


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The saying goes 'You can take the ni$&@a out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the ni$&@a!'


Shame on Bobby Brown for bring his entourage of nine people to an “Invitation Only� Home Going for Whitney and demanding that they were all get seats in the front row. Apparently, Bobby Brown doesn’t know what “Invitation Only� is. Darn, What Were You Thinking Bobby Brown!


@Reed. Kiss my ass, then you can go fuck yourself, and then you can burn in hell. I'm sick of your stalking me, bitch!!


@Jones- NO ONE CAN CHANGE THE PAST? Jones- Those are some damn good words you need to think about the next time you play that Race Card in reference to your " Slave Retribution" crap! Matter of fact- Anytime you play that card!- you need to THINK!


What most people are basically commenting is Bobby Brown should be allowed to attend Whitney Houston's funeral, if only for the sake of their daughter, Bobbi Kristina. And that Ms. Houston was responsible for her own drug addiction, regardless of whether Mr. Brown introduced her to drugs or not. A few have even claim that the possible reason why Ms. Houston's loved ones do not want Mr. Brown to attend Ms. Houston's funeral is because Mr. Brown physically abused Ms. Houston. But you know what?! There ain't nothing anybody can do about that! The past is what it is!....THE PAST! And no one can change the past. That's why most people don't have it together for themselves, because they spend too much time in other people's business. Running their mouth about shit that they don't know a motherfucking thing about! And holding grudges and shit. Holding grudges about shit, holds YOU back!! Get rid of the garbage, man! And you will see a major improvement in your life!


Everyone needs to back and keep their damn mouths shut. Bobby and Whitney were married; they had a child together. They lived and shared life, secrets, whatever together.It would be an omission to exclude the father of their daughter. He is her father and should be in her life, like it or not. Whitney had a gr8 talent, no doubt
but like us all, we are not nor never will be perfect. Jesus said how can I forgive you if you can't forgive your brother. What are we rejoying Whitney's life or hating Bobby for his? Can't be both.
I wasn't crazy about him either BUT God didn't ask me.


First off all people need to stop blaming bobby for whitneys drug addiction she and bobby both grew up in the worst projects he was from orchard park and she was from some projects In newark nj she was a bad girl long before she met bobby and no one put a gun to her head and made her take drugs that was her. decison .people need to stop placing blame and pray for yhe family


If he does show up every time Whitney's mother looks at him all she's going to see is him beating on her daughter. This could go for Bobbie Kristina as well therefore maybe she doesn't want him there to remind her of what he did to her mother. Once a child sees this they don't want to be reminded of it. It's very hard to say where or when Whitney started using drugs although it's very easy to say who beat the hell out of her while she was married to Bobby Brown isn't it?


After reading all these comments and no one seems to have thought about the fact that it may not be the drugs that her family doesn't want him there but the beatings instead. Being a mother I can understand them if someone beat on my child there's no way in hell I would want his ass to show up at the funeral. They were divorced and yes they had a child together that doesn't mean her family has to put up with him now. He may or may not have been the source of her drug problem but he is definitely the source of the beatings he gave her. I wonder how many of those beatings did his daughter have to endure while they were still married and living together.


DEBBZ ~ Yes Ms Whitney was into drugs before she met Bobbi. She is not all innocent when it comes to the life SHE chose. She chose the drugs, she chose Bobbi Brown, whether her choices were good or bad, they were still hers to make. Why is anyone not mad at Clive Davis, Bobbi Brown could not afford the drugs that Whitney was into. Clive Davis could and did. Anything she needed to keep going, to keep making him rich. All of this matters none now. The whole Houston clan are not as innocent as they want all to believe, it is just easier to blame someone else. I just have an issue with people who live in glass houses throwing stones. Bobbi Brown didn't kill Whitney and he has as much right to be there as anyone.