Bobbi Kristina Brown: Out of Hospital, Not Out of Danger

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We have an update on Bobbi Kristina Brown.

The 18-year old daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, who was rushed to the hospital for two separate anxiety attacks since her mother passed away Saturday afternoon, is no longer under doctor's care.

But her family is still concerned about the teenager's well-being and is considering some kind of professional treatment for her.

Bobbi Kristina Brown and Whitney

In an eerie, frightening report, TMZ quotes insiders who say Bobbi was found asleep in a hotel room bathtub on Friday afternoon, the same position paramedics found Whitney in the following day.

After repeated, unanswered knocks from Bobbi's friends, security arrived, unlocked the door and helped fish the troubled young woman out of the tub.

It's unknown what caused that incident, but family members are, understandably, even more worried about Bobbi's current state of mind and fear she may be suicidal. As they ponder the next best step, Bobby Brown left a concert in Nashville over the weekend and landed in Los Angeles last night to be there for his daughter.

"Obviously the death of her mother is affecting her; however, we will get through this tragedy as a family," the singer said in a statement to Extra. "Again, I ask for privacy during this time.

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GOD is still in control. Keep her daughter and mother the entire family lifted up in prayer.


Dear CNN, Fox News, and all other media outlets. I know you all must be dying to know how I was taken away by my Lord yesterday. My weaknesses, faults, and shortcomings are no doubt on display for the world to see. Funny thing is...I got up this morning with this white robe that has absolutely no blemishes! Got to run, I'm singing I Love The Lord...for the Lord and His magnificent Son in a little while. Have fun with my past today...because no one here appears to remember any of it. Love Always, Whitney ♥


Bobbie my heart goes out to u! U have to be strong and the WOMAN that your mom want u to be. Prayer is the best way to help. Give him your heart and soul and he will guide u.


Please don't give up Bobbi Kristina your pain is real it will take all the strength you have to move forward, but you have it and you can do it. Your come from your mother and she is with are not alone. We are all praying for you and sending you the light through your darkest day's. We love you & your mother you both will forever live in our hearts and minds.


My prayers go out bobbi kristina we all are only human id probly have a anixiety attack too if I lost my mother people only like to look at the negatives in life not the positives may god bless and you have privacy at this time...


My heart really goes out to you especially Bobbi Christina. I know what it is to loose a mother, it feels like everything just stop (time, the world, and movement). Trust in the lord and you will get through it all (pain, sorrow, and anger). Remember to be strong and keep your head up. You have nothing to be ashamed of at all, your mother (Whitney Houston) was an Icon among many of the greatest. Thinking of you!!!


I am very concerned for Bobbi Kristina. Look at what she lost... her MOTHER! She's 18 and and any 18 year old girl NEEDS her mother. I appreciate the media reporting about her breakdowns, but I think the family needs privacy. I was not shocked at all to hear that she had to be rushed to the hospital... and that she's stressed. I expected that. This is not news that needs to be aired in any way. This is a family that is grieving. Let this family grieve with a little more privacy. Every detail does not need to be televised or written. When they are ready, they will come forth with statements. They understand that Whitney has millions of concerned fans. First, they have to stabilize themselves. May God comfort them and strengthen them.


Clive's party is more than just a party, it ia a showcase for new artists and material. He probably could not have stopped it even if he wanted to. It is a really big deal and unfortunately the show has to go on. Bobby on the other hand could have left Nashville earlier. New Edition does not need him to perform, they had their biggest hits without him.


I know things are different in "Hollyweird" but for Clive Davis to proceed with his party before Whitney's body was even removed from the same hotel? And Bobby Brown went on with his scheduled show instead of rushing to be with his daughter??? What is wrong with these people!


This has shocked everyone and the damage is done my heart really goes out to the Houston And Brown Family and Bobbi Kristina Brown you have shared a wonderful woman with the world and we thank you for that don't listen to the negitive and look out for your dad and always be there for family my name is kintraella from st.louis and you have my symphothy love you