Blue Ivy Carter: First Photos!

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Welcome to the world, Blue Ivy Carter.

Granted, the first offspring of mega couple Beyonce and Jay-Z arrived on January 8, but her first photos only surfaced online today, courtesy of  the rapper's blog, Life + Times. Look at happy mother and adorable daughter below:

Blue Ivy Photo

At first, of course, there was a question over what the baby's name actually was, but Beyonce and Jay-Z have most definitely made it very clear: they've already moved to trademark the moniker Blue Ivy.

A tad pretentious? Sure. But how can we find any fault in something really to someone so cute?!? Just look at the tyke again:

Blue Ivy Carter Picture

She is so cute beyone and j- zay and i love the name it is so pretty


It's sad how people have nothing else to do with themselves and yet find time to gossip about somebody else's baby as though nobody in your family as ever had any. Jay Z is a very nice looking man reguardless what anybody believes or second guess that's Beyonce's Husband nobody else's (Respect that) So people try looking at your own parents maybe most of will understand where and why you look the way you do. Jay Z along with Beyonce shared their daughter so everyone could see they didn't have to do that. Jay Z/ Beyonce Blue Ivy is a cutie and she looks like the both of you! So Congrats. Life is what you guys make it, verses some ignorant people comments.


you beyonce haters jus knock it off even if she did not push d baby out its her baby we shud b glad that d baby have a lovin caring parents just leave beyonce alone u haters.

T jones

When I first saw Blue Ivy in Beyonce's arms, I thought she was an Asian doll. LOL! She is just adorable. And she seems so alert. She looks like Beyonce. Their complexion is about the same and everything. But of course, Blue Ivy's complexion might change!


OOOOHHHH, the HATE! Its a teriible illness. GET well soon you all. B U tiful Mama and Baby.


So many bitter and petty people..god..what losers..congrats to J and B!!


People are so so crazy. No matter what who when congrats go out to the Carter family. What a blessing. childbirth is so specail and no matter what, the Carters have a baby and she is beautiful and so are the parents.


she's ugly!..and looks dirty


Well im happy for bey and jay, but who care's? I'm done with talking the their kid. Its a little strange, but i don't know and i'm starting to say get over it already people. Im just happy that the baby is healthy and safe. May God bless both parents and be well.


true the baby is cute and thank god for that cause she could have looked like jay z and that would not have been cute at only if we can come to some conclusion if she really had the baby herself or did she use a surrogate mother???? otherwise yes her baby is cute and mariah and nick cannon babies are little dollbabies and we do know who both their parents are ..

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