Blue Ivy Carter: First Photos!

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Welcome to the world, Blue Ivy Carter.

Granted, the first offspring of mega couple Beyonce and Jay-Z arrived on January 8, but her first photos only surfaced online today, courtesy of  the rapper's blog, Life + Times. Look at happy mother and adorable daughter below:

Blue Ivy Photo

At first, of course, there was a question over what the baby's name actually was, but Beyonce and Jay-Z have most definitely made it very clear: they've already moved to trademark the moniker Blue Ivy.

A tad pretentious? Sure. But how can we find any fault in something really to someone so cute?!? Just look at the tyke again:

Blue Ivy Carter Picture
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Aint they baby sorry. Jay dont have good genes


omg she is BEAUTIFULL


she is absolutely beautiful xxxxx


you ppl dont understand a black woman she takes care of her self and yea you can look that good gettin outa the hospital you dont kno wen that pic was taken cus baby bu cant yu see the chairs and shit in the back ground you dont kno how long its been she prob jus got off a shot from doin sum she is beautiful and shes jus like us but she makes her money nd follows her dream so leave a good woman alone and let her do wat she needs to do for that baby and congrats to yhal.....


omg...haterville!pep r so obsessed with seeing beyonce fail/mess up in sum kind of way.pure jealousy,lol...what does she have 2 prove my faking her preg?shes pure rich&that baby looks just like her,and yes a women can look that great after giving birth.all women r different¬ every women looks a hot mess after giving birth...whos the dumb f***er who said her babys white with str8 hair?obviously u kno nothing about black babys.the majority of black babys r born with str8 hair,it gets curly as they get older..shes a spittin image of her mom/looks just like b as a baby...congrats b and jay,welcome to the world baby blue!get red baby girl,ur gonna have pleny of haters,just like ur mama.


why are ppl so dumb..beyonce's baby is WHITE for crying out loud. beyonce is black with a tiny drop of colour. her hair is afro (mind u, she is always in wigs and has toned her skin). her husband jayz on the other hand is blllaaaaccck with afro hair. where did beyonce get a white baby with bone straight hair? the picture of beyonce being pregnant was when she was 2 months pregnant, well she cud av been pregnant to deceive ppl with the pics and gotten rid of it. beyonce wud never ruin her body for a baby at this peak of her career. she is too perfect conscious but pressures are mounting in as to why she wudnt av a baby, therefore reason for this. beyonce isnt as real as she pretends to's all a ur minds ppl.


beautiful...just like her mom


This pic seals it for me. Anyone who's seen a woman's face after giving birth (or even still in the hospital a short time after birth) knows this is NOT the face of a new mom. We're just short of unrecognizable in the face when we're done delivering,and ya everyone's different but nothing? C'mon this woman did not give birth to this baby. Cute baby but not from her belly sorry kids...


Whatever people may say about the Diva she has indeed became mother of a gorgeous and cute angel and i'am sure that little B will be as gorgeous and sexy as mother B.


never seen such a beautiful creature,she's so adorable,looks just like mommy especially those eyes,CONGRATS MISS B,ur daddy now Mr.J,never mind peeps who say junk staff,now uve got lots to do now Mr and Mrs Carter,take care of Ivy,she's so beautiful,wish nothing but the best for u,Blu .