Billy Crystal as Oscars Host: Funny or A Failure?

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There were no real surprises, and not a single buzz-worthy moment, but Billy Crystal fired off a few funny lines a host of the 2012 Academy Awards.

He joked about Harry Potter's low tax rate. He made fun of the head of the Academy. And, hey, he wasn't James Franco and Anne Hathaway. That's a huge plus.

Billy Crystal Oscar Promo

But we somehow doubt Crystal will be asked to host the ceremony for a 10th time. Did he really stand out? Did he really leave you wanting more? Did anything seem especially fresh or original during the show?

Weigh in now with your thoughts. Grae Billy Crystal as host of these Academy Awards:


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I also thought that Billy did a good job of a very bad gig. Billy...your face is stretched so tight that you almost look like a wax replicate of yourself. What ever happened to aging gracefully?
You looked fine before but now you just look suprised...on a permanent basis.
Stop doing that! It's kind of creepy.


Angelia JOlie -pathetic, Gwyneth Paltrow- obviously the one with class,
Billy Crystal was fine.


ngelia JOlie -pathetic, Gwyneth Paltrow- obviously the one with class


I found the show "dull".....ergo................
Jolie's leg, however, DID give me a laugh!


Billy Crystal was wonderful, funny but not over the top, respectful, polite, and just great, he should do it again. the stars this year did not look over the top great as in previous years. and the winners well, i am sure they deserved it. Yea for Meryl Streep, yea for the best supporting actress, drawin a name blank right now. I have only seen the Help out of all the movies, so I am no judge.
I loved J Los dress, and what with all the comments you could see her nipple, big deal, I couldnt and those that could must have been looking for it, and who cares, it was covered so all you saw was on outline and we all have nipples so it should be no shock.
go Billy Crystal you were great


Jessica Chantam could have won supporting actress...the award show was better than usual but not because of Billy Crystal..just was hilarious when Angelie Jolie struck a pose..she deserved to be made fun of....The Talk ladies had the idea, but not the balls to say what an idiot Jolie looked like when she stuck that leg out!!


Billy Crystal is always a great host, albeit a bit muddled of face and paunchy of waist! As to Ms. Jolie...She wore a $20,000.00 gown and couldn't afford the stockings to go with it??? Her leg looked like someone was drawing a picture of a wooden matchstick!


I thought he did a great job. He was the best part of the Oscars, him & the speeches. I think they need to expand the categories. Have more for the stars & less of the tech. It just seems that there's 3-3 1/2 hrs and most is for Best Sound Editing & stuff like that & less for Best Pictures... since Comedies rarely win Best Picture why not give it its own category. Best Comedy-Best Comic Best Special etc. I know they used to have Best Musical but no one makes them anymore. I think it would be more entertaining that way.


I Thought Billy Crystal was wonderful and Made The Oscar Academy Awards alot of fun to watch he even made Me Laugh.hes a breath of Fresh Air to The Awards show .everybody I know Loves Billy Crystal even My Relatives .Love Lisa.


Bring back Hugh Jackman next year please.