Bill O'Reilly: Whitney Houston Wanted to Die

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Bill O'Reilly and Nancy Grace may both be talking heads who crave attention and believe they are right about everything, but these talk show hosts have a contrasting opinion on Whitney Houston.

Grace wonders if the singer was murdered. O'Reilly, meanwhile, thinks Houston walked around with a death wish.

“Nobody takes drugs for that long if they want to stay on the planet,” O'Relly said on his Fox News broadcast this week, adding that "everybody knew" Houston was a drug addict and comparing her to Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and others who died young.

As for Tony Bennett's push to now legalize drugs? O'Reilly touches on that in this segment, as well:


Can we all just let Whitney rest in peace? She was troubled and died too soon and that's that. O'Reilly and Grace are showboating as usual to get ratings and publicity. Worse, they are making all these comments that will cause pain to her family, especially to her daughter Bobbi. Bill and Nancy are kinda despicable IMO.


Of course by Now, we know that "Ungraceful" Nancy and Bill O'R will Not be invited as guests at Whitney's Going Home Services on Saturday!

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