Bill O'Reilly: Whitney Houston Wanted to Die

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Bill O'Reilly and Nancy Grace may both be talking heads who crave attention and believe they are right about everything, but these talk show hosts have a contrasting opinion on Whitney Houston.

Grace wonders if the singer was murdered. O'Reilly, meanwhile, thinks Houston walked around with a death wish.

“Nobody takes drugs for that long if they want to stay on the planet,” O'Relly said on his Fox News broadcast this week, adding that "everybody knew" Houston was a drug addict and comparing her to Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and others who died young.

As for Tony Bennett's push to now legalize drugs? O'Reilly touches on that in this segment, as well:

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Whitney Houston was a very troubled person, Bill is right she didn't want to live some that is why she is gone; it is a direct result of her wishes.


anyone who is dumb enough to mix booze and drugs DOES have a death wish.


Bill vs. you people? And you act as if you knew her! Mighty White you are the Racist! Bill is like a Baseball Umpire- calls it like he see's it. You people are going on N on like this crap doesn't happen everyday. Everybody knows someone with this problem. The problem with most of you Obama loving losers is that if anybody disagrees then they are Racist. Bill & the rest of us Republicans are set and Ready for your " Racist labeling Bullshit" all Summer long. So get your rest- cause your gonna need it!


Dictionary? So it is possible her vocabulary could move up to 5th grade?


Come on people's Whitney did what she wanted. We need to point our finger at her! Family the ones that didn't have the intervention, Her family should have had her committed! You could see she needed help how can anotheraddic save another addict .Look at Lindsey Lohan. CRY FOR HELP JUDGE WANT EVEN LOCK HER UP.PUT LIFE BEFORE WEALTH


Blackwidow found a dictionary.


bill r shut up.and you are a do not know whitney personally never hung out with her so why the comments you are a racist that low minded people listen to make themdelves feel better. pres obama 2012


Bill O'Reilly is a twit. He makes his income from making statements like that. Unless he was Whitney's BFF, he can only speculate and make those off-the-cuff hurtful statements as though he had some sort of inside line into Whitney's brain-which he doesn't.
Make those $ Bill and take your insights to the bank. That is how you make your bucks....right?
Be righteous and sleep easy Bill. You live off of the misery of others.
But-then again-how you make your money is really not news.


@hctibsdeer....FYI...he's got more b*tches in the wings than you know, hon. Maybe sittin' in the 4th row, too! Ha!


Yes- it is the best part. U R so creativez