Bill O'Reilly: Whitney Houston Wanted to Die

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Bill O'Reilly and Nancy Grace may both be talking heads who crave attention and believe they are right about everything, but these talk show hosts have a contrasting opinion on Whitney Houston.

Grace wonders if the singer was murdered. O'Reilly, meanwhile, thinks Houston walked around with a death wish.

“Nobody takes drugs for that long if they want to stay on the planet,” O'Relly said on his Fox News broadcast this week, adding that "everybody knew" Houston was a drug addict and comparing her to Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and others who died young.

As for Tony Bennett's push to now legalize drugs? O'Reilly touches on that in this segment, as well:

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AGAIN, SORRY! Thanks alot deer.


@.............The question is----do you??


You know a Splashynymph?


ok people listen, leave whitney and her family alone. she is gone.its a sad thing.


I put the initial blame on Bobbi Brown. If he wanted to mess up his life is one thing, But to introduce someone he is supposed to love and respect, is crazy. He should have done the opposite, and made sure she did not get hooked., it should have been his job as a husband to protect her. It is so easy for singers etc. to get their hands on the bad stuff., so he should have Looked Out for her. If she was my daughter/sister/mother, I would not allow him at her funeral. That is my opinion. What does any one else think?


F*ck Bill O'Reilly, He has no idea. Being on drugs is a sickness, some get over it some do not. Some end up like Whitney some do not...My Whitney RIP, along with Michael. This is just some more shit for the media to talk shit about.


Um, eff all of you guys. stop judging and get a life.


Anyone who wants Obama 2012 is low minded or getting free hand-outs


Another post???? Clarity?


I can't believe this but someone on another post called me out about this post, not Blackwidow........ Ms. Houston could definitely be made an example of as well as Michael Jackson. Unfortunately, this would do more harm to their children-families, than good for making an example. Now, can anyone tell me why the sudden news about Kim Kardashian??