Bill O'Reilly Defends Ellen DeGeneres, JC Penney Against Conservative "Witch Hunt"

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It's a witch hunt.

That's what Bill O'Reilly has to say about the movement by One Million Moms - a conservative organization, from which no member agreed to appear on Fox News last night - to pressure JC Penney into firing its new spokesperson, Ellen DeGeneres.

The group takes issue with Ellen being an openly gay celebrity, as O'Reilly Factor guest Sandy Rios defended its actions by saying "people that believe marriage is between a man and woman and children should not be exposed to propagandized homosexuality."

O'Reilly response? That's fine. Don't shop at JC Penney then. But to actively push for a private company to fire an American citizen based on her lifestyle? That's just wrong. It's McCarthyism. Watch the segment below and then express your opinion:

Should JC Penney fire Ellen DeGeneres?


Who the hell are the One Million Frigging Moms anyway. How can these holier than though bad example people to their children criticize a wholesome, respectable, charitable, kind gay woman representing a store, don't they have better things to do, like protecting their children from bigots like themselves. Give it up One Million Frigging Moms!


@Debbie- Yes! It's True " All men created Equal" guess what - That's where it fucking ends- AFTER the creation! Then comes Laws- Religon- Sterotype- Freedom to make your way in the world. Freedom to cry and moan. I don't know about you but I didn't get a "Life Guide" Manual in the Mail. I did look up and realize that there are basically 2 people in this World. The ones that make it and the ones that don't. Guess what DEBZZZ! Maybe your preference infringes on my Freedom to live comfortable. Maybe I flat fucking don't like it! What the Fuck is this I'm gay and I need all you Motherfuckers to give me what I got coming? Who in the Hell told you life was fair! Hold on!!!! Wait..... Did you say Million Mom Club? Well Fuck.... Please... Allow me to Retort! I'll do anything short of kissing your ass for an invite... Send the damn thing UPS!


Bill, you are more liberal than CNN to stand up and say that gay lifestyle is right and acceptable. And are you prejudice (bigot)against this Christian who believes that that is what is wrong with this country to begin with too many liberal views. Ellen is a very bad example to our youth and children and she has no business advertising cosmetics... at all. and why you only report on the bigotry against blacks and gays and fail to report the bigotry against whites and Christians.... Are you wishy-washy? Now I feel better


@Reed, you need to know that I am not an Atheist and I was born in this country. I believe in God. I do not believe in religion and using religion to force your idea's down people throat. I know who this country was founded by. The same men who wrote all men are created equal. That certain rights are inailable. To live free and to be able to earn a living. I see you think that only certain people should have rights. I do think these women have a right to have thier beliefs. What I dont think they should do is threaten peoples livelyhood, because of thier sexual orientation. Who by the way also pay taxes. Reed I can tell by the foul language you used you would not be invited to join the one million moms clubs, Diversity comes with a price, no freedom comes with a price and if these women keep getting thier way there will be no diversity, just a bunch of White, Strieght, Christians making you go to church every Sunday and banning everything.


@ Debbie- I'm guessing that your Atheist ass believes that this world started the day you were born? Well I've got News for your ignorant ASS- it wasn't. This Country was founded by Christians with Christian ideas. This Country also pays taxes that help fund/support their very useless Motherfuckers that are Citizens of Country's that make Women wear fully clothed garb and have virtually no rights at all! Maybe thats where your useless anti- American ass needs to be. What the Fuck could you possibly know about American children? Force Christian ethics? Bitch- this is the most diverse nation of all time & diversity always comes with a price! Get your fucking ass back across the water.


So whats next after dening gay people jobs, marriage, the right to go to school without being bullied. Concentration camps. Biggots They have issues with companies advertising on programs that contain homosexual material. The list of shows are programms that are on at 10pm at night. They cant control thier own children from watching these programms. They cant control thier childrens music choices or how much time they spend on the internet. Well children dont have money to buy the TV's Music or computer. They just dont want to parent. They want society to parent for them. Then they want to force thier Christian ethics on society. Well not all of America is Christian. The only thing they are teaching thier kids is how to be hateful and biggotted. Shame on them.


Thank you Bill for defending Ellen. We all know shes an awesome person. Ireplaceable!!I


these people need to sit down. for once i agree with bill o'reilly.

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