Bill O'Reilly Defends Ellen DeGeneres, JC Penney Against Conservative "Witch Hunt"

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It's a witch hunt.

That's what Bill O'Reilly has to say about the movement by One Million Moms - a conservative organization, from which no member agreed to appear on Fox News last night - to pressure JC Penney into firing its new spokesperson, Ellen DeGeneres.

The group takes issue with Ellen being an openly gay celebrity, as O'Reilly Factor guest Sandy Rios defended its actions by saying "people that believe marriage is between a man and woman and children should not be exposed to propagandized homosexuality."

O'Reilly response? That's fine. Don't shop at JC Penney then. But to actively push for a private company to fire an American citizen based on her lifestyle? That's just wrong. It's McCarthyism. Watch the segment below and then express your opinion:

Should JC Penney fire Ellen DeGeneres?


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@Reed, you are an angry person. I think maybe a troll on here just trying to push bottons. Just because one defends a gay person, Athiests, women, blacks, native American, you jump to the conclusion they are that and trying to get something for free or they feel entitled to something. Did you read the story. Ellen was hired to be a spokes person for this company. Television is her livelyhood and this group is trying to get her fired because she is gay. Where does it end. Whats next fire people because they have a mole, or green eyes or foul language. Thats all everyone is trying to say. Yes they have the right, but we also have the right to speak out and say we think it wrong.


@ Reed and RL: Guys, this is a video about Bill O'Reilly defending Ellen, not: Lets have a stupid argument about 'who gives a damn'. I sympathise with a little of both sides. Whilst asking Ellen to be sacked as a spokesperson because she's gay goes too far, I have noticed a lot of mainstreaming of homosexuality recently. Its in 1 out of every 2 tv shows. I don't mind what you do in your private life, but things shouldnt be mainstreamed to the extent that homosexuality is being mainstreamed. Its as if they're trying to hard.


@RL- Let me guess! Your one of these guys that are setting the FUCKING table for Slave retribution? Well... You need to hurry- cause your just shy of 9 months to get it done- then he will be out!


@RL- I'm sure that the Truth is somewhat distorted at Howard or Berkley or where ever you may borrowed an American History Text Book. Chew on this RL then swallow it. I didn't come into this world 15 minutes ago. Your serve.


@RL- Broken Countless treaties huh? You must of dug deep- NOT- to find that one? So! With this lack of Christian values I'm guessing that all Muslims are terrorists? Why stop at the Indians? What about the Vikings? Maybe we could get retribution for all of them? Your opinions are " Sound Bites" of the Truth. Masons? And that means...... Hell there are Masons all over this Country and they go to church on Sunday! So what's the point? G.Washington spoke often of God & Providence in his speeches. Adams may have been the most Religious of all. Jefferson- another Christian, later as I'm sure you noticed on the back of currency it reads- " In God We Trust!" What the fuck did you think- that they were referring to Allah?


@ Reed - So my point is share your views and argue your point...but don't just try to rewrite history in a manner that insults the common educated mind. From what I gather alot of our founding fathers were Masons...have a discussion about that little fact. The simple fact that countless treaties with the Native Americans that were breached and never honored to this dates is proof enough that the powerful and influential figures involved with the founding and evolving direction of this nation were not solely applying Christian values. So before you go any further on the matter you need to swallow that little factual pill and sit with for a while before speaking on that topic again.


@ Reed...dude you are entitled to your opinion but can you please chill on cursing up a storm and calling people/strangers BITCHES? Now back to your point...there is some validity to your point...but just work on not being so blind to the validity of the counter point of others; this may help you be a little more respectful when discoursing. Now, as to your claim that this country is a Christian Nation founded on Christian Values...i have to disagree. This nation was founded by men with varying belief systems(yes some were Christian), philosophies, and AGENDAS (like moving & killing if need be the natives for control of the land- Real Christian values right...NOT!!!.


How does Bill even on this issue end up putting forth a poor argument...LOL! This guy can't win even when he is trying to do PC right thing...hahaha! Hilarious. This lady one the debate because Bill is framing the whole matter wrong. Of course they should voice their opinion no matter how silly the rest of think it is Bill. I am a black man...and if the White Christian Americans Moms want to go NBC or CBS and say stop showing inter-racial couples on TV....i would support their right to do that...yes, they are wrong in the distorted race perspective...but they still have the right to organize and speak their voice.


I love Ellen and all that she stands for. O'Reilly has a major point!


@Lulu... I wondered the same thing. Ellen is selling a brand, not a lifestyle. She is a spokesperson for Cover Girl and no group came at her like this. Moms need to parent their children themselves, not depend on others to do it for them.