Bill Maher Donates $1M to Pro-Obama Super PAC

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Comedian Bill Maher announced during a comedy special Thursday night that he would donate $1 million to the pro-Obama Priorities USA Action Super PAC.

The host of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher dropped the (money) bomb at the end of "CrazyStupidPolitics," streamed live on Yahoo. He said the following:

"I would like tonight to announce a donation to the Obama super PAC, which has the very unfortunate tongue-twister name Priority [sic] USA Action."

"I know, it was named by Borat," Maher said. "But tonight, I would like to give that PAC one million dollars," prompting cheers from the audience.

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The donation, manifested onstage in the form of one of those oversized checks, provides a significant boost to the pro-Obama Super PAC's coffers.

The group raised less than $59,000 in the month of January and $4.4 million overall ... not even that much more than the Colbert Super PAC really.

Super PACs can raise unlimited amounts of cash to support political causes, but are not permitted to coordinate their activities with candidates they favor.

Bill Maher said that a 2012 Obama victory was "worth a million dollars" and described the donation asĀ  "the wisest investment I think I could make."

He encouraged other wealthy donors to give to the group as well.


Obama 2012! Because all the Republican candidates look like idiots. Well, I like Ron Paul, but he doesn't have a shot in hell.


I dont blindly hate him- I hate his policies. This guy is a joke. He does nothing but talk. He is destroying the Constitution and our resources in Military to protect this Country. I refuse to listen to the talk. I prefer to look at his actions. I will not be a sheep and follow this idiot into Disarray. Romney 2012.


@ wrote, "I wish people would understand that he is good for ALL Americans, not just for the tiny ultra-rich sector." I think you're confused. The ultra rich are the ones he wants to tax more...I don't think most of them are real happy about that. He's trying to make himself out to be the savior of the middle class during this electoral campaign. The truth is...with his failed policies and spendthrift ways we'll be Greece before long. Have you seen what's happening in Greece in the past few months? Trust don't wanna be Greece. Thus, I really don't know who Obama is good for except Warren Buffet and George Soros.


I'd donate that much for Obama's re-election if I could! But I'm just gonna settle for voting for him. I like what he's trying to accomplish. It's good for the majority. I wish people would understand that he is good for ALL Americans, not just for the tiny ultra-rich sector. I'm so sad for those folks who blindly hate him.


He is even more stupid than Obama!

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