Beyonce, Jay-Z Move to Trademark "Blue Ivy"

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She's already a mogul, this one.

Blue Ivy, Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby's name, may soon be trademarked as well. It does have instant brand recognition, and her business-savvy folks are all over that.

Blue Ivy Carter's parents filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office protecting the little girl's name for possible use on a future line of baby goods.

Why the rush? There was no time to waste, apparently.

Beyonce and Jay-Z Image

Two Blue Ivy wannabe entrepreneurs already had applications shot down, and no matter how many White House visits Bey and Jay had enjoyed, they'd still have to go through the office's first-come, first-served process like everyone else.

However, a surge in applications is usual when a new name or phrase explodes into the lexicon, and because it's the office's job to sort things out, they try to anticipate trends, subsequently fast-tracking applications inspired by names in the news.

Still, one Blue Ivy earned the trademark before Beyonce was even pregnant: The Blue Ivy clothing store in Wisconsin got unknowingly lucky in early 2011.

They can be expecting a fat check in the near future.


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@leek she only did daht because she wad being creative why she did it the world will never no


Because they are beyonce & jay z its ppl out here naming dey child innocent & all daht other stuff da baby has blue eyes & beyonce mom has blues eyes why they named da baby blue ivy idk & dnt really care buhht why did they pay 1.3M for a floor in a hospital wen she only gonna be in 1 room for 15 hours thats my question


You dumb hating fcuks. Did u even read what it said? They HAVE to trademark their baby's name because greedy people have already tried to cash in on it!!! AND SHE DID CARRY HER OWN CHILD. HATERS ARE SOOOOOO JEALOUS THAT THEY DIDN'T GET TO MAKE FUN OF HER WADDLING DOWN THE STREET. She has an athletic body which automatically gave her the advantage of getting back in shape quickly, she didn't gain a bunch of weight as she has to being shooting A Star Is Born immediately since they postponed shooting when she got pregnant. THEY'VE ALWAYS BEEN PRIVATE & GIVE HATERS NOTHING TO GOSSIP ON & YOU HATE IT. "LEEK" sounds like a name for a busted condom. KICK ROCKS & ENJOY THE SHOW DWEEBS.


This is so pathetic....its just sad. There's no other way to describe it


Classic narcissism. I wonder how much the surrogate was paid...


Disgusting and self-absorbed people.


Wat a dumb name for a child. The world is already crazy why name ur child sumptin it jus for money r show? Kids r given as a blessing not to get fame r money! SUCKS! Thought yall were better than dat! :-(