Beyonce, Jay-Z Move to Trademark "Blue Ivy"

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She's already a mogul, this one.

Blue Ivy, Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby's name, may soon be trademarked as well. It does have instant brand recognition, and her business-savvy folks are all over that.

Blue Ivy Carter's parents filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office protecting the little girl's name for possible use on a future line of baby goods.

Why the rush? There was no time to waste, apparently.

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Two Blue Ivy wannabe entrepreneurs already had applications shot down, and no matter how many White House visits Bey and Jay had enjoyed, they'd still have to go through the office's first-come, first-served process like everyone else.

However, a surge in applications is usual when a new name or phrase explodes into the lexicon, and because it's the office's job to sort things out, they try to anticipate trends, subsequently fast-tracking applications inspired by names in the news.

Still, one Blue Ivy earned the trademark before Beyonce was even pregnant: The Blue Ivy clothing store in Wisconsin got unknowingly lucky in early 2011.

They can be expecting a fat check in the near future.



congrats to the couple...and jst prayin' for the baby to look more like Bey...:)


annette , i agree with u , i just hope the baby doent look like its father , beyonce is gorgeous , what did she see in jay z ?


Seriously? For reals? It's really not that deep or important to me. I just hope that kid doesn't look like it's father. God help her if she does.


Really all you jealous haters need to actually read what's being said before jumping in to post nasty things! She had to do it because of other people trying to trademark HER BABY'S name! That's her child and her right!!


I think parents have a right to set their children up for their own future. Its a very clever and strategically sound move on their part. Blue Ivy is born to very lucrative parents and it's a catchy name. If there is competition already, and they're investigating a baby clothing line, then it makes perfect sense. Sorry people, but if you want to live in a capitalistic society, then people have the right to capitalize and use their business sense to their own advantage. Such is the American way.


Can these two get over themselves...seriously!


Just as soon as I was starting to like Bey's music, they pull a stunt like this. I mean, why patent your baby's name is too money hungry. Damn, for people who have millions of dollars, it seems like they can't go without having more of it. Just sad, shaking my head.


I dislike her even more now.


wow, lucky lil gal. whatever beyonce does with her body o gal, im solidly behind her GO DIVA


@Ellie... I haven't said this in forever but, YOU MADE ME LOOK!!! Hahahahahaha. Looks like a cami or something.

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