BET Bans Nicki Minaj's "Stupid Hoe" Video

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Wanna watch the official music video for Nicki Minaj's latest track, "Stupid Hoe?" You better scroll down and press Play.

Because you won't find it on BET.

That network has banned the video, sources confirm to TMZ, and although no statement has been released regarding the decision, it's clearly based on the explicit nature of both the video (which features Minaj dancing in a cage and wearing a thong, along with other nearly-naked women and a monkey) and the lyrics themselves.

Which repeat the words "stupid hoe" about 10 times per chorus.

Check out the controversial video now and then vote in our poll.

Should BET ban this video?


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Hopefully no one thinks that this should ever come down to a race thing. As an African American I'm not offended by the video at all. Im offended at the mere thought that some falls that hip hop or music in general. That's the worst piece of crap I've ever seen and heard...
The world should ban it not just BET.


Man I think bet should ban that video. Why would you make something like that;it's degrading women and I just think its sad


Shes a beautiful woman but we have to watch what we are feeding our kids.


Ugyiest song i've ever shouldn't have been release in d first place....smh


The video and song are just horrible. As for how she is dancing in the cage like that, she stole that from shakiras she wolf video. Either way though its a bad video and song.


Nikka please, What language was she speaking?


What language was she speaking?


Criminently! What is our world coming to?? Anyone who listens to that crap should have their head examined. My kid makes more entertaining noise banging his spoon on the table. God help us!

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